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Where to Look for the Most Luxurious Manhattan Apartments

Manhattan, New York. Manhattan is the most densely populated of New York’s five boroughs, and the most illustrious. The Manhattan skyline is known the world over. It is the home of banks, movie stars, and the rich and famous. It is not uncommon to find Manhattan’s streets adorned with fast cars, limousines, and celebrities. It is not the richest borough, no, that trophy goes to Staten Island, but Manhattan boasts the wealthiest streets and property prices in all of New York. The richest neighbourhood in all of New York, Carnegie Hill, has an average income of $311,109, whereas the average in Staten Island is $99,000.

It will be no surprise then that for one to own real estate in Manhattan, they must be filthy rich. The rent prices in Manhattan alone can surpass $6,000. With so much prime, high-value real estate, if you have the money, you can pick up a beautiful apartment in Manhattan. A lot of the real estate in Manhattan is apartments, owing to its high density. This page will tell you where you should look to find the most luxurious Manhattan apartments, so you too can indulge in the luxury.

Here is where you should look for the most luxurious Manhattan apartments.

Real Estate Agents

Before moving onto a list of the most illustrious and sought-after developments in Manhattan, it is first important to mention that you must first find an estate agent, as no property deal can be completed without one. There are many estate agents in New York and many online broker services. Whether you decide to head to home search or decide to go into a real estate agent centre, be sure to find the best agent you deal with your property enquiries. Buying property is a big deal, and because of this, you must work with the best of the best. With that out of the way, so begins our list:

One Waterline Square

One Waterline Square is in the very heart of Manhattan. The building, designed by Richard Meier and Partners looms over the Hudson River, with tall, floor-to-ceiling windows. The skyline of Manhattan that is seen from One Waterline Square is enough to make you envious, which is why properties in the building can go, on average, for around $3,000,000. The building is the pinnacle of modern design – with sleek interior aesthetics and a modern lobby with full-time concierges. If you are looking to join Manhattan’s elite, then One Waterline Square may be your best bet.

Trump International

Notwithstanding Donald Trump’s political reputation, his Central Park tower may be one of the most beautiful and well-designed apartment blocks in the entire city. Properties in the tower can go for between three-hundred and fifty thousand, all the way up to thirty million. The one-hundred and fifty-six storey apartment building has a two-star Michelin restaurant downstairs, a fully functioning concierge system, and unrivalled views of Central Park and the New York City skyline. Trump International is an imposing building that is home to some of the richest people in the world and was once home to Mr. Trump himself. Trump International Tower is a marvel of modern architecture and design, and if you have the money to afford an apartment in this sought-after building, then you absolutely must. An apartment in Trump Tower is an apartment that will only go up in value as property prices in Manhattan are beginning to soar.

Madison Square Park Tower

Madison Square Park Tower, a tower that in its own right is second to none. The tower has its own gym, basketball court, luxury concierge, and a library. The tower sits on the border of Chelsea, Gramercy, and the Flatiron District, arguably the most luxurious and sought-after neighbours in all of America. The Madison Square Park Tower is one of the tallest buildings (sitting at 777-feet) in all of New York and stands at a staggering sixty-five floors. The apartments here can go for up to a hundred million dollars, so you better have deep pockets if you are considering moving into an apartment at Madison Square Park Tower.

Mandarin Oriental

The apartments located in the Mandarin Oriental, which also doubles as a hotel, was originally home of the Time Warner Centre. The Mandarin Oriental is the city’s best-mixed complex. The complex includes; a hotel; a jazz complex; CNN TV studios; Whole Foods; apartments. The Mandarin Oriental is a building that offers its residents an abundance of amenities and is highly sought-after, so if you are trying to score an apartment there, you better hope you’re lucky!

The Plaza

The Plaza located at One Central Park South is one of the most iconic and instantly recognizable buildings in all of New York and has been home to some of the world’s richest and most famous since its creation in 1907. The chateau-style building is prime real estate that is highly fought over. The building has over a hundred condominiums and has views of the site where the Vanderbilt Mansion once stood on 58th Street. The building is very tastefully decorated and is one that, should you (like the rest on this list) have the money to buy property in, you must absolutely seize the opportunity and do it!

Fifteen Central Park West

Fifteen Central Park West. We have saved the best for last with this one. Fifteen Central Park West is the most sought-after and the most luxurious apartment development in all of New York. The building was designed by the Zeckendorf family, New York royalty. The building sits at the junction of the Financial District, home to Wall Street, and Tribeca, a lively arts district. The apartments in this building are beyond luxury and are some of the most expensive apartments in all of North America.

Now, with the help of this page, you know where to find the most luxurious apartments in all of New York City. If you have the money to buy any of this, they are certainly an investment worth making. These apartment’s will surely only quadruple in value. New York is a beautiful city, a lively city, and one that is full of culture and history.

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