With the COVID-19 crisis till in relatively full swing, many of us assumed that professional sports would be put off until 2021. Thanks to bubble systems and high level testing, though, many major sports are heading back into the headlines at the moment.

What, though, might be some of the most popular sports in the news at the moment? Which of the major sports which has returned has been making a lot of sporting news in the last few weeks and months?

Which events are helping us return to some form of normalcy?


Of course, football is still going strong. Association football was one of the first sports to actually come back, with many countries producing either bubble style systems or going for something a bit more like a no-fans-allowed kind of system for teams.

Either way, football is back in full swing: the delayed 2020-21 season is now underway, with the UEFA Champions League starting back in earnest in the last weeks of October, as well as major domestic leagues returning to the scene.

Mixed Martial Arts

We are seeing a major return in combat sports, too. Indeed, we’ve got quite a few big fights coming up across the MMA scene this month: we’ll see the long-awaited return to the ring of Khabib Nurmagomedov, with the main event for October seeing us head over to the Flash Forum to see Khabib take on Justin Gaethje.

The sport is thriving at the moment despite COVID and has been ongoing for some time.


Boxing is also coming back in a big way, with many major fights planned for the rest of the year. Boxing has some big fights lined up at the moment, with the likes of Justis Huni getting a huge amount of media attention after his destructive heavyweight title victory earlier on in the month. Also, we will see a big fight as the month progresses when the likes of Savannah Marshall and Hannah Rankin will meet for their WBO Middleweight Fight.


Another big sport that is coming back in a big way is the tennis scene. Though there are some tournaments either suspended or cancelled on this years tour, many events will be happening in the next calendar year to help return tennis back to the big screen.

We should see most of the Grand Slam events, if not all, take place for this season of tennis to come. We should also see some new stars rise as a new generation continues to take shape.


While European basketball is slowly starting back up after a period of immense downturn, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has finished for a season. The Los Angeles Lakers ended 10 years of hurt as they won a historic title, with franchise star LeBron James becoming the first player in history to win the NBA title with three different teams – teammate Rajon Rondo also became the first player in history to win the NBA with both the Boston Celtics and the Lakers.

So, which sporting stories have caught your eye this month? Which sports do you have on your plan for the rest of the year?