Optimizing your website content to bring in more visitors is no small task. Some strategies, such as black hat optimization focus on search engines, optimizing content to bring your website to the top of the search results. White hat optimization, on the other hand, focuses on reaching human audiences in order to bring them to your website, and link building is one of the key ways in which white hat optimization works. Here’s our guide to white hat link building.

What Is Link Building?

Link building, like many other optimization techniques, focuses on building networks between relevant websites using links. For instance, if you are starting a cooking blog, then linking to and being linked back to by more established cooking blogs or recipe sites will help search engines determine your relevance. The more links that point back to your site, the more Google will consider you an authority on the subject.

Is Link Building for Me?

Not every website is created equally. If you are in the very beginnings of your website journey, you may not have developed enough original content yet, or the quality of your content is somewhat lacking. In order for link building to truly have an effect on your website traffic, you need to know which keywords you want to target, and whether you have informational content that is relevant to that keyword. Without these things, link building won’t help you at all.

White Hat Link Building Techniques

There are many ways you can acquire links and each has a different value in driving traffic to your website. Content links are links that are placed within a body of information and link to a third party website. For instance, if you are writing about a specific cooking technique, a link within the text to an authoritative website that contains a detailed guide qualifies as a good content link. You could also build a resource page, which links to helpful resources. There are many other ways to build links, such as listings in directories, offering student, military or senior discounts, as well as offering promotions.


Another way to build links is to enlist the services of a link building professional. Ghost Marketing is one such company that enables people to build links between relevant websites in order to drive up their traffic. These companies are key in providing long-lasting effects on your website traffic which can directly impact your sales. While you do this, however, be sure to follow up on your own leads too, by performing your own outreach to websites that you admire, or even offering to write guest blog posts for their website.


There are many ways to optimize your website in order to achieve high search engine rankings. White hat link building is the art of focusing your website content on the human reader, rather than a search engine algorithm. By targeting a human audience, you will quickly fill your website with quality content that offers information to your readers, bringing in traffic and building you up as an authority in your subject.