What we wear affects how we move through the world. Wearing multipurpose clothing not only allows you to feel more comfortable in your skin, but it also improves functionality. Although there are many definitions, the most basic one for multipurpose clothing is attire that a person can wear during any or all activities such as office work, sports, yoga, walking, or simply sitting.

Here are a few of the biggest reasons why you should consider outfitting your wardrobe with as many multipurpose clothes as possible.

Reason #1: You Never Know What You Might Encounter

Life is full of surprises. As Forrest Gump once said, you never know what you’re going to get. For example, you’re driving to the library to get some studying done when you pass by the gym and realize you’d feel a lot better about going to study if you hit the gym first and got some work in. That’s where Beyond Yoga comes in – if you’re wearing a comfortable pair of yoga pants, you’re already set to do a few sets or run on the treadmill. On the other hand, if you’re wearing business attire or a dress, you’d have to turn around, go home, change clothes, go to the gym, and then change clothes afterward back to your original outfit. Who has time for that?

Reason #2: You Deserve to Feel Comfortable

A snug-fitting pair of yoga pants can make a world of difference for your comfort level. Of course, sometimes there is no option but to wear formal dress, such as at work events or big social gatherings like weddings. Most of the time, though, you are free to choose what to wear. And don’t you want to go for something that’s going to make you feel as confident and carefree as possible?

Try out this scenario: your cute little niece is visiting from out of town. She’s adorable, and you love spending time with her. On this day, you travel together to the local park for a walk and some fun in the sun. She really wants to show you some new gymnastic moves she learned in her class and she wants you to join in on the fun. The only problem is that you’re wearing a skirt, so cartwheels are out of the question. If you had on a pair of comfortable and versatile yoga pants, though, that wouldn’t be an issue.

Reason #3: Time Saving and Convenience

Let’s go back to the first example of the student on the way to the library when she realizes she’d like to get in a quick workout first. If she’s wearing multipurpose clothing, she’s going to save a bunch of time that she would otherwise have spent turning around, going home, changing clothes, then changing back again before finally getting on her way to the library. Plus, she’s going to have to carry an additional set of clothes around. What a headache!


Simplify your life by stocking your wardrobe with as many multipurpose clothes as possible. Things are complicated enough as they are – don’t stress yourself further by wearing clothes that don’t keep up with your active lifestyle.