If there are people in the country who are highly-entitled to be dubbed as the living hero of the generation, they must be military veterans. They are the dauntless countrymen who have finally discharged from the military platoon after rendering an unparalleled and uncompromised service for the country and its people. Military veterans have sacrificed everything they have and put their country above all. Therefore, these people deserve all the due respect from the country by providing them the benefits they need in their lives. It’s the most significant way to at least repay the valuable service they give for their country. 

Good thing that the US government and other involved bodies are working hand-in-hand to keep the rights of the military veterans uncompromised. The most common among the benefits emphasized by constitutions include home loan, burial in National Cemetery, funeral honors, VA disability compensation, and VA disability pension. All the listed military veterans have generous access to it and enjoy their personal lives after retiring from the military. 

As part of the hand-laid benefits, military veterans have prominent access to their rights to health care. The US government, especially the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), bestows an inclusive range of surgical, medical, and rehabilitative care to everyone who has served the military. However, there’s an emerging conflict if the military veterans would wish to upgrade their medical needs and would turn to some organic alternatives, like medical marijuana, instead. For some circumstances, veterans are afraid to lose these military benefits once they consider medical marijuana to cure PTSD or physical impairment. Pounds by pounds studies have already proven that legal cannabis is overly-effective in easing chronic pain and lying discomfort caused by the various physical injuries. Hence, many people consider this treatment as a must-have and must-try. However, such kind of medical treatment requires extensive knowledge and a strong sense of responsibility. Medical-grade cannabis products are too sensitive to be handled easily. Want to learn more about cannabis and its wide-ranging benefits? Check it out on this link. 

Obstacles of Military Veterans in Accessing Marijuana Treatment

It’s undeniable that there are already a lot of medicines that have been invented and tested its effectiveness for specific diseases. Each variant plays a significant role in the medication and known to be effective in certain conditions and circumstances. As other ordinary people continue to savor this privilege, the country’s living heroes don’t have wide freedom to access this wonderful alternative in organic medicine. Military veterans are hindered from having keen access to marijuana medication, even in states where cannabis is legalized. There are some known conflicts regarding their provisional benefits and their use of marijuana products for health-care purposes. As they have the freedom to consider this kind of treatment, the military veterans, however, are frightened of the possibility that they are going to lose their rights to the broad range of benefits specified for them in the constitution. 

It’s a sad truth that the military veterans have limited freedom to this kind of amazing medical privilege. In contrast to the reality that they are the ones who are most in need of this medication. Of course, due to the extensive physical activities they have experienced while taking the wheel in the military platoon, these people faced abundant physical injuries that give them chronic pain and discomfort that grow as time goes by. Unfortunately, some chemical medications are no longer effective in this scenario. That’s why; medical-marijuana can be a great alternative that can provide the same desired outcome in the range. But the problem is that the veterans are deprived of this privilege. 

Just like the case of Lt. Col. Doug Distaso, who faced the same medical diagnosis after retiring from the military in 2017, he was only subjected to typical medications including a slate of opioids, relaxers, and other treatments. However, none of the recommendations that include medical marijuana are even prescribed to him.   

In contrast with the prevalence of chronic pain cases among military veterans, the use of medical marijuana as a type of treatment is hinder by various roadblocks even in the states where the use of cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes are already legalized. It all happens because, based on the Veteran Administration (VA) Policy, the VA doctors are not permitted to recommend any types of medication which have a keen relation to marijuana in whatever purposes. So, as a result, military veterans are having a hard time in this matter. In a precise explanation, they are not allowed to take any medical marijuana products. 

The Bottomline

Good thing that the people in VA have finally heard the call of people in using marijuana products as a form of medication. In the past few years, the existing system back then was revised and sounded more favorable on the side of the veterans. VA doctors are now partially permitted to converse about the use of marijuana to the veterans as long as they have the request to utilize it for clinical relevance. It’s such good news for the veterans and soon-to-be-veterans out there after a long winding-road of serving the country.