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Why Do People Buy Keto Shakes?


Oct 30, 2021 #Food & Drink, #health

The popularity of a keto diet does not need an introduction, but why do people buy keto shakes over keto meals. Even when buying from experts like Keta Lean the preference is always keto shakes. First let’s understand what keto is. Glucose acquired by the carbohydrate happens to be a key source of energy for the human body. But when one stops consuming carbohydrates, the body is forced to switch from burning carbs to burning fat for energy, creating molecules we know as ‘ketones’ as fuel. This entire process is known as ‘ketosis.’   

This method of bringing and maintaining the body under this metabolic state of ‘ketosis’ to maintain the ketone levels gives the ‘keto’ diet its name and purpose.   

The average calorie breakdown for a keto diet follows – 70-70% fat, 20-25% protein, and only 5-10% carb. There are also various kinds of keto diets for people to follow, such as CKD (cynical keto diet), TKD (targeted keto diet), HPD (high protein keto diet), etc.    

Why do people buy keto shakes?

If you think accustoming the body to the diet changes and bringing it under “ketosis” is the most challenging part of the diet, you’re wrong. 

Rather, keeping the body under the process of ketosis with precision and consistency is what’s the most difficult. It is so considering how even unintentional intake of too much carb can stimulate blood sugar production, leading to a halt in the production of ketones. It eventually stalls the entire process, including visible results.       

The same reasons make the diet a challenging one to take or maintain for several people. However, guess what? Keto shakes have the perfect solution to it all.

The pre-made keto shakes on the market take the hard part (planning and executing) out of the diet with the right mix of fat, carb, and protein. It allows people to keep up with their keto diet plans without breaking as much as a sweat. 

But that’s not all. 

Several studies also suggest that keto shakes present a more effective and quick way to achieve the desired results than a meal plan while also boosting a person’s endurance performance. Not to mention how keto shakes are less expensive and less complicated, with the ample fibers in them ensuring that you remain full and in good health.   

What are some benefits of keto shakes?

The benefits of keto shake are more or less similar to following a keto meal plan, just that with shakes, you make all those gains effortlessly and at a much quicker pace. Some major benefits include – 

  • Increased fat burn
  • Reduced appetite
  • Quick weight loss results
  • Lowered insulin levels
  • Maintained blood sugar and blood pressure levels
  • Improved heart health with reduced risk of related diseases
  • Reduced risk of seizures and brain disorders
  • Improved skin health


Keeping the body under the process of ketosis is perhaps both the most essential and difficult step of following a keto diet. However, consulting a nutritionist and getting a personalized keto diet plan depending on individual requirements is the best way to switch to a keto diet. The same goes for replacing meals with keto shakes, as it is best practiced under professional consultation to avoid any health issues whatsoever. Happy Scrolling!

By ozfetch