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Why Florida Is Becoming A Major Hub For International Business Ventures


Aug 24, 2023

Florida has long been a beacon for entrepreneurs and companies seeking to establish a presence in the Americas. Its strategic location as a gateway to North America, Central America, and South America has positioned the Sunshine State as an ideal destination for international business ventures. In this article, we will explore why Florida has emerged as a major hub for global enterprises, why businesses choose to relocate there, and the advantages of starting a business in this particular state. 

Why Do Businesses Move To Florida?

Many businesses have been enticed by the allure of Florida, leading to a significant influx of relocations and expansions into the state. A notable example is Magic Leap, which chose Florida as its primary location due to its conducive environment for technological innovation and a growing tech ecosystem. The other reasons why Rony Abovitz (founder and former CEO) chose Florida to host the majority of Magic Leap’s facilities are further highlighted below.

The motives behind migrations to the Sunshine State are manifold. Florida offers low corporate tax rates and favourable regulations to encourage growth and prosperity. The state’s current governor (as of 2023), Ron DeSantis, has applied significant efforts to maintain its status as a premier investment and incorporation destination for businesses. Governor DeSantis has also implemented several ongoing initiatives aimed at preserving the low corporate tax rates Florida is known for and attracting further venture capital. Additionally, he has worked diligently to streamline regulatory processes and reduce bureaucratic hurdles, making it easier for businesses to operate and thrive in the state. 

Why You Should Start a Business in Florida

If you are contemplating starting a business in 2023 and beyond, Florida presents a compelling case. The state’s thriving economy, fueled by diverse sectors such as tourism, aerospace, technology, healthcare, and finance, provides ample opportunities for entrepreneurs. Moreover, Florida’s strategic location offers unparalleled access to domestic and international markets, making it an ideal base for global operations. Strong infrastructure, including modern transportation networks and world-class ports, ensures efficient connectivity and logistics, which in turn facilitates business growth.

Furthermore, Florida’s skilled and talented workforce provides a solid foundation for companies seeking to tap into a pool of qualified professionals. The state’s vibrant culture, attractive lifestyle, and warm climate contribute to a high quality of life, attracting top talent from across the USA (and the world) and enhancing employee satisfaction.

Need Help Starting a Business in Florida?

With a rich tapestry of opportunities and a conducive environment for growth, starting a business in Florida can be a rewarding experience. However, navigating the legal and regulatory landscape, understanding the incorporation process, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws require expert guidance. 

For those in need of professional assistance, looking to companies specialised in the above mentioned areas is key. That’s where SFM Corporate Services comes in. SFM’s company formation services, combined with their extensive knowledge of business-related matters, positions them as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Florida.

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