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Why Newcastle Bid Writing Company Stands out From the Rest

ByDave Stopher

Jun 15, 2018

2017 saw another successful year for the Newcastle-based bid writing company Executive Compass. In the last twelve months they have helped companies secure more than £2bn worth of public and private sector contracts. They have provided bid management as well as bid writing services for:-

  • Companies around the UK
  • Europe
  • United States
  • Asia

Executive Compass have been enormously successful in the past year which has led to a further expansion within the company. Formed in 2009, their values make them stand out from competitors by serving a variety of clients across all industries that are bidding for contracts. This includes:-

  • Large construction works
  • Facilities management
  • Domiciliary care
  • National Rail bids
  • Nuclear decommissioning contracts

The core values of Executive Compass are based on integrity, reliability and professionalism. This highly regarded bid writing company employs a dedicated team of staff. What they don’t do is employ freelance writers, hence the quality of their work. All bid writing services provided are carried out inhouse. Everything is reviewed by a technical editor and all work is proof read thoroughly.

Winning bid writing tenders

The Executive Compass bid writing team serve public as well as private sector and are experienced in exactly clients need. The firm focuses on writing winning tenders. What makes them different is they offer professional services and high-quality bids which result in a large volume of repeat business. This is highlighted in their success rate and the number of contracts won which continued to set the pace throughout 2017.

Statistically, whatever business sector you’re in, you will win more contracts by using Executive Compass. Standing out from the competition, these PQQ bid and tender writing specialists have achieved unparalleled success in helping clients to win public and private sector contracts.  During 2017 the enthusiastic tender writing team have taken away the stress of creating documents out of the hands of both large and small businesses.

A very busy year

The past year, 2017, has certainly been very busy and successful for Executive Compass so much so they welcomed three new team members onboard. This included a management consultant along with an admin and marketing assistant to help with the ever-increasing project workload. Hard-working personnel have worked with Blue Chip companies looking for additional support for their bid team alongside smaller businesses tendering for the first time.

Executive Compass provide their clients with a number of services such as:-

  • Interim bid writing
  • Policies and procedures
  • Business improvement services
  • Standard questionnaire writing services
  • Bid ready audit services
  • Grant writing services

With so many high-quality services on offer, it’s not surprising that they have had such a brilliant past 12 months. Following such a profitable 2017, 2018 is on target to be another successful year. Executive Compass has business plans for further expansion with additional projects they intend to work on. This Newcastle-based business is really going places, positive news for them and the North East economy.