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Service Management Software can help you save time and money when it comes to running your business. Are there a lot of gaps between your field workforce and your back-office team? Do you have trouble keeping track of job information and customer service information?

Not every business is the same. So why should software be one-size-fits-all? Streamline your business from initial contact to final invoicing and payment with this all-in-one solution. Take the juggling act out of service management, with cloud-based software which allows real-time communication between office and field, automates time-consuming tasks, enhances customer experience and provides you with the support to grow your business.

Service Management Software enables remote teams to be organised and connected in a profitable and sustainable way. Knowledge and information can be shared, updated, and monitored in real-time with industry-leading Service Software, resulting in smoother business operations and a better customer experience.

What is Service Management Software?

Service Management Software (also known as Field Service Management Software) is a customised software solution for service delivery organisations. The custom software aids businesses in reducing service delivery times, increasing productivity, better understanding data, and cutting expenses across the board. Simultaneously, the cloud-based software helps with business automation, which benefits both the staff and end customer.

Common service management software features include

  • Work order management
  • Inventory management
  • Dispatch
  • Scheduling
  • Fleet tracking
  • Reporting and analytics

What is the best field service management software?

When choosing a software solution for your field service business, it’s important to consider the following questions:

  1. Can I access my data from anywhere?
  2. Can I increase my team’s job completion and first-time-fix rates?
  3. Will my mobile workforce be able to access information on-demand?
  4. Can I improve business profitability?
  5. Will my customer retention rate increase?

Field Service Software benefits organisations that handle system and equipment installations, maintenance, and repairs, as well as any company whose employees spend time in the field. Though field service work is most frequently associated with telecommunications and cable service providers, utility engineers and inspectors, and HVAC workers, the FSM user base is considerably larger. Mobile nurses, pest controllers, plumbers, maids, window cleaners, and other field employees all require gear that are suited to their specific needs.

Juggling critical tickets, irate customers, and unpredictable service routes and timetables is what field service management entails. Furthermore, company-owned cars are a safety hazard and an expense in terms of fuel and maintenance. Service Management Software automates and simplifies tedious and complex operations, allowing executives to focus on the big picture rather than the details.

FSM software helps schedule and track field activities by combining several functions into a single cohesive solution. Service Management Software must accept service requests, schedule and assign a skilled worker to the task, allow technician mobility, and offer real-time job status visibility.

The best Service Management Software offers tools for:

  • appointments, order management, ticketing
  • complex scheduling and routing optimisation
  • worker activity management, time tracking, job status updates
  • driver logs, vehicle location and driver safety information
  • inventory, assets, accounting, and other back-office systems integrations

Complex document management, automatic client appointment reminders, project management, and CRM features are all available on advanced field service software platforms. More automation and less repetition will boost overall company productivity. It makes every aspect of service delivery such a breeze; it basically runs itself. Some field service management solutions specialise in a particular function, such as dispatching, while others include more generalised features such as client portals, fleet management, and call centre management. Before making a purchase, a business should analyse its goals and needs and determine which characteristics are crucial.