Watching football brings people together. The feeling of belonging and connecting with your colleagues helps you deal with any difficult time. Additionally, football can lift someone’s spirit, especially when they win.
Patients who have dementia are encouraged to watch a re-run of a football game that was historic. This triggers some memories and evokes emotions. This memories and emotions help them remember some of the activities that occurred in that particular moment.

  1.  Heart Workout

It has been discovered that watching football is equivalent to a 90-minute brisk walk. This is a moderate cardiovascular workout which improves heart health.
Taking a walk is great and improves the health of the heart. When people watch football, the adrenaline rush and jumping up and done is similar to work out. This shows that sitting and watching a football match improves the heart rate.
This helps in pumping the blood to the whole body. It ensures that the football fan is healthy. When the heart rate increases, it is known as positive stress which improves heart health. This ensures that blood is pumped to the brain, enhancing mental health.

  1.  Works For Patients With Dementia

Watching football helps patients with dementia remember who they are and some of their memories. Dementia is mainly experienced by elderly patients, usually above the age of 55. The characteristics of dementia include memory loss.
This causes difficulties with the patients as they can get lost by forgetting where they leave or their name. Doctors try to help the patients by slowing down dementia.
What seems to work is the introduction of something familiar. This could be a type of food or activity that they enjoyed. This triggers memories, and they can remember a fraction of their lives.
Football can be used to trigger great memories and a joyful period. The doctors allow the patients to watch re-run football matches. These football games bring fond memories to the patients.
If a patient was watching the game with family and friends, they might remember the names of the people. They can even remember the events that occurred around that particular time. This helps them cope with dementia.

  1.  Good Stress

People go through a stressful moment every day. What differentiates them is how they choose to handle and deal with the stress. You can also earn by placing football bets on which only needs low investments.
There is a good and bad type of stress. Both good and bad stress causes arousal and increase in the heart rate. When one has a bad day and is going through a stressful moment, this type of stress and level of arousal is bad for their mental health.
Good health, on the other hand, is excellent for their mental health and heart health. That rush in adrenaline can boost and completely change their moods. If a person watches a game and they win the mood completely changes. If they were sad or depressed, that is forgotten, and they are in good spirits. This improves their relationship with the people around them.

  1.  Mental Health

Mental health is important in ensuring that people lead a healthy and happy life. Mental health awareness has become rampant. This is due to an increase in suicide cases caused by depression.
People are advised to handle depression and anxiety before it reaches a stage where they want to hurt themselves. Most hospitals take their time to figure out what could be the cause of depression.
They find the trigger and try to deal with it. Watching football can be used when a person is depressed or has an anxiety attack. Football keeps the mind active, and the patient doesn’t have to be depressed.
Football triggers emotional memory which helps the patient to understand and associate with the surroundings on a personal level. , reduces the risk of the patient getting triggered or interested in hurting themselves. Emotional memory helps strengthen the brain activity. Keeping the person engaged ensures that they don’t get triggered to depression.


Mental Health awareness should be a priority to ensure that people are leading a productive life. Watching football helps patients with dementia, anxiety, and depression. Watching football can change the patients’ mood and help them relate to their surroundings positively.