If you’ve never been to a land casino before, and you are getting ready for a trip to Vegas, Monaco, or even Macau with friends or family, you probably have plenty to plan and lots of excitement in your heart. Even someone who has never laid their eyes on a genuine roulette wheel in their life or people who have never hit the slots machines inside a brick-and-mortar venue is guaranteed to get into the gambling atmosphere straight away. Besides the glamorous decorations, gorgeous dealers, tasty cocktails and food, and the continuous adrenaline pumping games played all around, there is a particular aspect that will quickly catch your eye: there are no clocks on the walls inside land casinos. How is this possible and what do you think could explain it? Let’s find out together!

Why Are There No Clocks Inside Casinos?

Could it be that all casinos have developed an aversion to telling players the time? Most likely, this is a common marketing strategy that is meant to “help” gamers lose themselves in the fun action in front of slot machines, poker or blackjack tables, and forget to check the time, so they can keep wagering for longer. If you know a thing or two about casino edges and how they work, you also know that the longer a player stays and wagers within a casino, the more beneficial it will be for the venue. However, there are plenty of skilled or lucky players who also happen to win good money, and the longer they sit at a poker table, the more money they will take home. Casinos will also want them to stay for a while longer so they can have a chance to scoop back some of their losses.

While some casinos might claim the lack of clocks on the wall is purely a decision made for aesthetic reasons, most will agree with the previous theory. What can you do to make sure you don’t leave a brick-and-mortar casino with empty pockets, in the middle of the night, even though you were only planning on spending a couple of fun hours there?

Always Wear A Watch!

Watches are elegant and easy to wear, they can perfectly match or complete any outfit and they make for excellent statement pieces. Some of the fanciest casinos usually ask for a strict dress code with gowns and tuxedos and wearing a nice watch to go along with such an outfit will definitely make you feel classier and more fit to be there.

Watches will not only help you feel more in control of your time, as you will be able to what time it is nonstop and with zero problems, but they will also help you set up some good time limits. Some players may even want to consider setting an alarm so they know when to end a poker, blackjack, or slots session. This way, they will protect their budget a lot easier and make sure they do not cross any lines.

If you wish to be even safer when gambling, you could always take a look at a few new online casinos on the Gamblers Bet site and take your pick from there. Today’s virtual casinos allow you to play for real money or for fun, in demo mode and take advantage of numerous and extremely lucrative bonuses and promotions. They will basically let you play with free money or use free spins to access the hottest slots; you will be able to pause a game and resume whenever you want to catch your breath, take a phone call, send an email or cook dinner. Plus, you can play on your desktop computer, a laptop, smartphone, or tablet on the go, which means the fun doesn’t have to stop simply because it has gotten late and you need to go home.

This makes online casinos a great alternative that can save you from the trouble of having to dress up, waste time and money on transportation and hotel accommodation, and the list goes on, not to mention the problem with the lack of clocks that some people might find disturbing.

While using your phone to know what time it is also a good idea, nothing can beat the beauty and elegance of waring and using a wristwatch. Plus, in case you plan on spending a few good hours inside a casino, your battery will most likely die. In case you are not planning on using a bulky power bank to fix that problem, will be left with a drained out phone and no clocks on the wall to tell you the time. A watch is therefore mandatory when visiting a casino, especially since lots of casinos do not have windows either, so it will be even more difficult to try to guess the time by simply glancing out the window and looking at the sun.