Wire ropes are a crucial component of many work sites that add incredible strength and durability to various tough-working structures. Wire ropes made of steel are constructed by wrapping wire strands in a core of steel getting lubricated right from the beginning. The lubrication assists the rope to withstand harsh weather conditions as well as daily damage.  It is vital that a high-quality wire rope lubricant is used frequently throughout the life of the wire rope in order to ensure safety and efficiency. You can read here all about why a specialist like a viper WRL is important when lubricating a wire. 

Wire Ropes can be susceptible to damage just similar to other equipment you have on your site. One of the best methods to minimize the damage and make sure your wire ropes are in a position to perform well in their work while ensuring the safety of your employees is to consult an expert in lubricant to provide Wire rope lubricant maintenance tips.

Wire Is Important For Rope Maintenance…

Maintaining a wire rope oil program is crucial for the security of your employees and the reliability of the equipment you use. If it is left to dry out the wire rope, it could be prone to wear and corrosion. If this happens when you are lifting large loads, the result could be devastating.

The functioning that your rope is going to be affected and influenced by two major variables. This could include:

The kind of operation

The setting that the wire rope working in

All of these factors could accelerate the rate of oxidation, corrosion, and wear on your wire rope, reducing its life span and making it less effective in general. Wire rope oils have three main functions to fight these issues:

  • Reduce friction
  • Offer protection against wear and tear.
  • Prevent premature corrosion

A lubricant expert will make sure that the lubrication method you choose to use applications, use, and application is safe and legal to ensure that you’re sure that you’re keeping employees safe and your work site efficient.

The Difference Specialists Can Make…

Wire rope lubricant is usually available in two types that are penetrative and coating. Making sure you use and apply of the proper lubricant can help to extend and protect the life span of the wire ropes. A partnership with a specialist in lubricant is a fantastic method to make sure you’re selecting the correct type of lubricant and the appropriate application technique to use your ropes.

A few of the benefits you’ll experience while working with the experts in wire rope lubrication are:

Inhouse Design

The team at Viper understands wire ropes from the inside out. We’ve designed our automatic Lubricators and lubricants that provide adequate, secure protection for wire ropes. Our lubricants have been designed to suit various industries and applications, and no one is better able to guide you precisely on the right lubricant for your workplace.

Personalized Service

There aren’t all wire ropes constructed similarly, and it’s crucial to ensure that you’re providing the correct routine maintenance to your wire ropes. In order for your wire ropes to work safely and efficiently using the correct fluid and the correct amount of penetration is vital. We can figure out what you require based on the environment, conditions, the weather, and the method you employ to use the wire ropes.


A regular lubrication schedule with a specialist or engineer can be a huge help to keep your wire ropes secure and efficient so that workers can concentrate on more important work. Wire ropes are used to haul, twist or lift very weighty loads. Wire rope lubrication that is done correctly can be a crucial safeguard against corrosion, wear, and friction.