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Why You Should Switch Your Viewing Tech To 4K Blu-Ray

ByDave Stopher

Sep 9, 2019 #4K, #Blu-ray

Nothing sucks the life out of a movie-watching experience like a bad quality picture. Well, besides bad sound quality. It is quite a let-down even after getting excited about a binge session through the night. The best and most favorable outcome to a movie night would be to have all your snacks in check, all the remotes at arm’s length and finally a whole collection of films.

Poor sound and picture quality is, however, something that can be easily rectified. Today’s tech has unfathomable technological advancementsthat will have all your boys coming to your place to watch a football match. Below are the reasons why.

  1. Sharper and clearer images

The 4k blu-ray technology has brighter and more distinctive imaging as compared to the previous types. Watching a movie in this quality looks so real such that the panoramas look exactly as how they would in real life. The earlier technologies that pioneered 4k blu-ray had a grainy appearance to it that it lowered the feel and the feeling of the picture. Today, however, you can even tell if an object is smooth, rough, or patterned. It presents an illusion that you can provide a proper description of an item viewed down to its texture. If you want to enjoy your films, series and TV shows on a whole new clearer view, switch to rent 4k Blu-ray.

  1. A greater more vibrant range of colors

Another thing that can crash your excitement in watching a movie is viewing frames that have a washed off-color scheme. You most definitely want to see the exact colors that the actors actually wore. Not a blue appearing like a washed off grey. 4K blu-ray pictures are very vibrant and very vivid. For instance, if an orange fruit is displayed on the screen, it will have you salivating, as the colors are very bright, making the fruit appear real. It is like an actual orange fruit and even better. 4k blu-ray screens display a full spectrum of colors. Such that you are able to differentiate very close hues of red shown on the screen. You will with no doubt appreciate watching a movie on a full-color spectrum TV. Well, unless you are watching a black and white film; which by the way looks terrific on 4k blu-ray too.

  1. Powerful and clearer sound delivery

Imagine watching a thriller movie, and when that creepy sound changes pitch, you jump up to the edge of the seat. That is the experience we all strive to get. And in addition to a great picture you get a fantastic surround system. Now the explosion will sound like a loud and clear boom and not as a hit on a metallic bucket. Music sound terrific, the beat is well transmitted, and the vocals are more audible. You don’t even have to turn the volume high to hear.

  1. Smoother and more realistic motion

Another aspect that gives an edge to a movie-watching experience is a smooth moving frame. The transitioning from picture to picture should be seamless and be in sync with the sound. Formats that have a delay in the movement of the images or audio will remove the gist out of a rather entertaining piece. You want to watch your movie in a format that is free-flowing in a sequential manner that is both appealing and entertaining at the same time. And 4k blu-ray delivers precisely that.

Take Away

Unquestionably having to view that movie you have been waiting all week long on a 4k blu-ray screen will be so cool. The clear images, the vivid colors, and best of all, excellent sound coverage.