Water bottles have been around for sometimes now. With water bottles, you have a convenient way of quenching your thirst—irrespective of your location. However, water bottles come in two different materials; plastics and metals. So, between plastic and metals, what is the best option? What are the advantages of metal water bottles over their plastic counterparts? Well, this article is going to delve into the subject.

The Dangers of Plastic Water Bottles

Of course, plastic bottles are considered recyclable. Printkick’s sport bottles do seem quite good from our research. Plus, research shows that the ocean is likely to contain more plastic than fish by the year 2050. These plastics are likely to pose a great risk to the eco-system. For instance, ingestion by seabirds, mammals as well as fish will be greatly hampered.

The Benefits of Metal Bottles

With steel bottles, the world is safer. Here are the advantages of steel bottles.


It’s easy to clean steel bottles. They don’t contain any awful smell. Unlike the plastic bottles that are porous in nature, it is easy to clean metal bottles. Plus, you won’t have to deal with any smell after washing them. The odor that commonly results from bacteria in plastic bottles can easily be cleaned.

Environmental Impact

According to stats, the US consumes about 1,500 bottles of water per second. That makes it 90,000 bottles per hour and 2.2 million bottles per day. These bottles can pollute the environment and create a negative environmental impact. And that’s where the metal water bottles come in. With steel metals, you have bottles that can be reused—a process that conserves the environment.


With stainless steel bottles, you have a durable solution for keeping and drinking your water. They don’t easily crack or break. Unlike their plastic counterparts, stainless steel lasts for years—which makes them a worthy investment.

Cold and Hot

Looking for corporate metal water bottles that can preserve store your water in either hot or cold form? Well, invest in stainless steel bottles. With steel water bottles, you have a solution that comes insulated. This makes it possible to preserve your water—either in cold or hot form. Stainless steel water bottles come with powerful insulation properties that will keep your water hot or cold for hours.

The Bottom-Line

Do you love your body? Do you want to keep it away from diseases? Well, ditch those plastic water bottles. Go for metal water bottles. According to research findings, plastic water bottles come with negative side effects. On the other hand, metal water bottles offer you a healthy option when it comes to drinking water. They are biodegradable, easy to wash, and durable. So, if you love your body, ditch those plastic water bottles. Find refuge in the metal water bottles. Lead a healthy life and conserve the environment by drinking your water from metal bottles today.