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Workplace recycling in Wales is changing from 2024


Nov 1, 2023

Wales is a world leader in recycling, with over 65% of waste being recycled in 2022. However, there is still room for improvement, especially in the workplace.

New workplace recycling regulations will come into force in Wales on 6 April 2024. These regulations will require all businesses, the public sector and third sector organisations to separate recyclable materials in the same way that most householders do now.

This is a positive step forward, as it will help to improve the quality and quantity of recycling in Wales. However, it is important to note that not all recyclable materials are created equal. Some materials, such as paper, are more difficult to recycle than others.


How customers of Restore Datashred can do more to separate their waste

Restore Datashred customers can play an important role in helping to improve the recycling rates of paper in Wales. By separating their paper waste from other types of waste, customers can help to ensure that their paper is recycled correctly.

There are a few simple things that Restore Datashred customers can do to separate their paper waste:

  • Provide Restore Datashred with separate bins for paper waste and other types of waste.
  • Remove any staples, clips or other bindings from paper before shredding.
  • Flatten any cardboard boxes before shredding.
  • Avoid shredding any paper that is wet, oily or greasy.
  • By following these simple tips, Restore Datashred customers can help to ensure that their paper waste is recycled correctly and that it contributes to Wales’ goal of becoming a zero-waste nation by 2050.

Benefits of workplace recycling

There are many benefits to workplace recycling, including:

  • Reduced environmental impact: Recycling helps to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill and incineration. This helps to conserve natural resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment.
  • Financial savings: Businesses can save money on waste disposal costs by recycling.
  • Improved employee morale: Employees are more likely to be happy and engaged in their work if they know that their employer is committed to sustainability.
  • Enhanced reputation: Businesses that recycle are seen as being more socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

How to get started with workplace recycling

If you are a business owner or manager in Wales, there are a few things you can do to get started with workplace recycling:

  • Conduct a waste audit to identify the types of waste that your business produces and to determine how much of this waste can be recycled.
  • Set up a recycling system in your workplace. This may involve providing separate bins for different types of recyclable materials and arranging for the collection of these materials by a recycling company.
  • Educate your employees about the importance of recycling and how to recycle correctly. You can do this by providing training, distributing posters and leaflets, and organizing recycling competitions.

By taking these steps, you can help to make your workplace more sustainable and help Wales to achieve its zero-waste goal.

Gareth Herbert, Depot Manager, Restore Datashred Wales

**Gareth Image**

As the Depot Manager for Restore Datashred Wales, I am passionate about helping businesses to recycle more and recycle better. I believe that workplace recycling is essential if Wales is to achieve its zero-waste goal by 2050.

One of the biggest challenges facing workplace recycling is the contamination of recyclable materials. This happens when non-recyclable materials are mixed with recyclable materials. Contamination can make it difficult or impossible to recycle the recyclable materials, and it can also lead to the rejection of entire loads of recyclable materials from recycling facilities.

One way to reduce contamination is to educate employees about the importance of separating their waste correctly. Businesses can also provide separate bins for different types of recyclable materials and make it easy for employees to dispose of their waste in the correct bins.

Another challenge facing workplace recycling is the lack of awareness of the different types of materials that can be recycled. Many people are not aware that paper can be recycled multiple times, or that shredded paper can still be recycled. Businesses can help to raise awareness of the different types of materials that can be recycled by providing information to employees and by organizing recycling competitions.

I believe that workplace recycling is essential for a sustainable future. By working together, we can help to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill and incineration, and we can help to protect the environment.For any additional information, please contact Restore Datashred.

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