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European Euro 5 type-approval, capital increase and final prices: three zero-emission steps of the Lombard company, with plan to launch its first two model on European market in autumn 2020

Saronno, June 15, 2020 – After confinement, all strategic activities set out in WoW! S.r.L. business plan – Lombard start-up founded in 2019 and focused on the two-wheel electric sector – have resumed and will welcome its first two models, Model 4 (L1e) and Model 6 (L3e), to circulate on Italian and European roads.

The freshly made in Italy startup company, saw the entry of four new shareholders, three of them Italians and one German, who believed in WoW! growth potential – bringing the capital increase to 400 000 euros. In addition to that, WoW! obtained European Euro 5 type-approval for its two e-scooters –Model 4 (L1e – motorbike) and Model 6 (L3e – motorcycle)–, and the acknowledgement of its technical data and brilliant performances compared to direct competitors.

In particular:


Technical data


Model 4


Model 6

Maximum power (kW)

3,9 kW

4,73 kW

Power consumption

31,7 Wh/Km

42,8 Wh/Km

Driving range

106,7 Km

95,8 Km

Maximum speed

45 Km/h (legal limit)

85 Km/h

Those two basic steps have allowed us to define our selling prices to the public. They have been fixed, ex-dealer price throughout Europe, at € 3.750,00 VAT 22% included for Model 4 (3,9 kW max power plus battery pack – two 32Ah/ 2,2 kWh lithium-ion) and at € 4.790,00 VAT 22% included for Model 6 (4,73 kW max power plus battery pack – two 42Ah/ 3,0 kWh lithium-ion).

«WoW! Effect has officially kicked off.  Starting today, consumers, scooter sharing and delivery companies have new and performing vehicles able to meet zero-emission urban mobility expectations», points out Diego Gajani – WoW! ‘s CEO. 

«We decided to conceive a new product characterized by a modern, elegant and original design capable of competing with the best gasoline engine scooters in terms of performances, comfort, dimensions and price».

Main features of our new WoW! e-scooters

A modern and technical look originally designed with full-led 100% lights and batteries placed at the sides of the rear seat.

Bigger than most e-scooters currently on the market. 2007,20 mm. long, 725,42 mm. wide and 1167,65 mm. high, mirrors not included. These dimensions are meant to ensure a high level of comfort.

In running order (without batteries) the weights are 93 Kg for Model 4 and 95 Kg for Model 6, respectively. With batteries, the weights vary depending on capacity: 113 Kg for Model 4 with a 2,2 kWh 20 Kg battery pack and 119 Kg for Model 6 with a 3 kWh 24 Kg battery pack.

High performances
Both versions, Model 4 (dedicated to users aged 14 and up) and Model 6 (from 16 years), show higher performances compared to the existing e-scooters: 4.0 kW and 6.0 kW of maximum power, respectively. The middle e-motor, not in the back wheel, with a toothed belt drive, gives more power and a better distribution of weights. 

Autonomy range
With 3,0 kWh batteries, the driving range is 106,7 Km for Model 4 and 95,8 for Model 6. Both data were collected in accordance with the European standard cycle.

Maximum speed
Model 4 maximum speed is limited by law at 45 Km/h; Model 6 reaches 85 Km/h.

The 2 x 36V (72V total) lithium-ion batteries ensure significant autonomy and present as well advantages in terms of safety.

Placed externally, at both sides of the saddle of the rear seat, they can be removed only after the opening and lifting of the seat. 

Batteries capacity:

_ Model 4: 32Ah / 2,2 kWh or 42Ah / 3,0 kWh or 48Ah / 3,4 kWh

_ Model 6: 42Ah / 3,0 kWh or 48Ah / 3,4 kWh

To obtain 100% charge, Model 4 requires about 3 – 4 hours’ time, and 4 to 5 hours for Model 6.

Battery weights, depending on the pack, range from 20 to 28 kg for Model 4 and from 24 to 28 kg for Model 6

Helmet compartment
Placed under the front seat and with a capacity of nearly 55 litres is capable of housing two JET models. This compartment is accessible by means of a built-in fully electronic opening system, remotely managed or by the scooter key remote.

Having two separate compartments for batteries and helmets have been recognized to be more practical.

16-inch wheels
Make the vehicle taller and more important and provide a greater urban riding comfort. 

Reverse motion
Low speed reverse motion is available and operated by a switch on the handlebar.

Battery recharging during braking
The system allows power generation while braking. In particular, during urban rides, it is possible to save up to 15% of energy.

Regenerative braking system
It is possible to use a fully electronic braking system. An efficient recovery system of kinetic energy can recharge batteries while slowing down. A switch on the handlebar can activate this system.

Conceived, designed and built in Italy, WoW! e-scooters www.wowescooter.com have been developed as a solution to the new European zero-emission urban mobility. 

Italy, France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium will see their launch next autumn.