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WoW – Getting Started with Dungeons


Aug 15, 2021

If you’re new to the popular MMORPG, here’s the knowledge you need on dungeons.

In World of Warcraft, dungeons play a massive role in the PvE experience of the game. They are made up of five-player content that you get from each expansion. To prepare for this, you will need decent player skills, a band of allies and maybe even the option to buy WoW gold to stock up. Let’s take a look at what dungeons entail in World of Warcraft.

What Are Dungeons?

The five dungeon players tend to be made up of a healer, a tank, and three characters to dish out the damage. You will come across mobs or bosses in dungeons, with the latter often being very tough to deal with. The abilities (or mechanics) that the bosses use is what helps differentiate each one from the other.

You will have to deal with “adds” which are what some bosses use to bring extra enemies in to help them in their battle against yourself. A typical dungeon has around four bosses for you to battle with, and takes around half an hour to complete. So, if you want to take some time away from find WoW mounts for sale, then this will be a welcome challenge for you.

How Hard Are Dungeons?

All dungeons can change alter how difficult they are. By heightening the difficulty and the risk, you can then earn improved rewards. You can expect the enemies that you come across in this instance to be harder to kill and dish out more damage too. If you are struggling, then you can right-clik on your character picture in the top-left to access a drop-down menu where you can change the difficult. You have a choice of Normal, Heroic, Mythic, and Mythic+.

You can take part in both Normal and Heroic dungeons through the Looking for Group tool. Choose your desired role then you can join the queue for the dungeon of your choice. You can use this tool for Mythic too, but you will need to go through the Premade Groups option rather than the usual Dungeon Finder. You will also need to be at the entrance of the dungeon if you are planning on doing Mythic. It’s also worth mentioning that you can only do Mythic dungeons after the Warlords of Draenor expansion. You’ll need a key and be at max level to do Mythic+.

What Are Mythic Keystones?

The key that you need for Mythic+ are called Mythic Keystones. They are placed in the Font of Power that is found near the dungeon entrance. You have a couple of methods that you can use in order to get these keys. Firstly, you can run a Mythic zero dungeon, which involves running a Mythic dungeon without a key. Alternatively, you can obtain one in Oribos at the Weekly Great Vault.

If you are choosing the first method, then you will receive a key for a particular dungeon. If you go for the weekly chest then you’ll need to have ran a Mythic Keystone dungeon in the previous week.. This will get you a key for a certain dungeon that is a level lower than the highest key that you have finished.

What Are Keystone Levels?

You might end up with something that states its a +2 key. This means that the difficulty of the dungeon is going to be more difficult. This is where you can expect bosses and mobs to have meore health and deal more damage. You will also experience something called affixes. These have random effects like making foes explode and such, they rotate each week between the different effects that are available.

There’s also M+ keys too, which can add a timer of sorts to the dungeon you are doing. This gives you the opportunity to upgrade the level of your key if you complete the dungeon in a certain amount of time. How much it is upgraded depends on how fast you complete the dungeon as well. If you don’t manage to complete the dungeon in the time given then your key will drop down a level for a different dungeon instead.

With this knowledge, you should be good to go on your dungeon escapades. If you feel that you need to buy WoW gold to prepare for it, then there are a lot of outlets for you to do so online. Once you have enough experience with dungeons, you should bump up the challenge and take on a Mythic dungeon. Just make sure you and your team are prepared for what lies ahead.

Have you started on dungeons in World of Warcraft? Let us know in the comments section below!

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