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Yoga can help to Alleviate the Symptoms of other Exercise

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 10.44.23A NORTH East yoga instructor is advising sports enthusiasts that as little as one session a week can complement their current exercise regimes.

Jo Hutton, owner of Happy Yoga Newcastle, helps a number of sports professionals and other individuals to use yoga practices to alleviate the symptoms associated with training, such as aching muscles and injuries.

“Yoga is a perfect accompaniment to any training programme as it helps to improve strength, balance, flexibility and mental control,” said Jo Hutton.

“Many sports such as running and cycling require repetitive movement which results in the overuse of certain muscles.

“This can mean that imbalances can occur in the body and over time this can lead to injury.

“Yoga can help to realign the body and strengthen the supporting but underused muscles to ensure that the body is worked in a balanced way, which can help prevent injuries.”

Jo Hutton, who founded Happy Yoga in 2014, worked with the Falcons rugby team during their pre-season training this year and has recently opened a new studio at Carliol Square, Newcastle.

The new studio is designed to bring all the company’s classes together under one roof and allow Happy Yoga Newcastle to increase the number of customers it can cater for.

The classes that run at the new studio include, beginner’s yoga, pre and post-natal yoga and improver’s yoga, among others.

For more information about the events and classes at Happy Yoga Newcastle visit or contact Jo at

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