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ByJane Sloane

Nov 18, 2021

THE PANDEMIC has sadly meant that many people across the UK have felt disconnected from the ones they love over lockdown. A new study has revealed that many are now attempting to try and feel more connected to their departed loved ones. 

A survey of 1,002 Yorkshire adults, by leading spiritual jewellery brand FIYAH, has revealed that 62% of people in York said that they have tried to feel more in touch with their departed family member or friend over the last year. 

The research also revealed that 57% say their desire to feel more connected to departed loved ones is fueled by the inability to see their friends and family due to lockdown restrictions.  

In addition, 33% of Brits say they’ve had more time to reflect over the ones they’ve lost over the last year, while one in five say it makes them feel happy to feel closer to someone even when they’ve passed. 

The research also brought to light the top 10 things Brits do to feel connected and remember loved ones that are no longer with us.  

More than half (51%) say they often light a candle in remembrance of those they’ve lost, making it the most popular way to feel connected to them.

Keeping a photo of them nearby appeared next on the list, with 41% saying they do this to feel closer to them.

More than one in three (37%) say they wear a piece of jewellery that reminds them of their nearest and dearest, while 33% regularly visit their dearly departed’s favourite place. 

In addition, cooking their favourite food (31%), and in pre-covid times, holding a meal or gathering to remember those who couldn’t be there (27%) were also popular ways for Brits to connect with those they’ve lost.

James Denney, Business Manager at FIYAH said: “Everyone has their own way of feeling close to their loved ones who are no longer with us, and these small rituals are a great way to provide comfort when we need it most.

“There are so many ways that individuals can do this and the results have highlighted this. Whether you light a candle, hold a family meal or wear a piece of memorial jewellery, creating and embracing positive memories to remember lost loved ones is a process that is very special.” 

The top 10 ways Brits feel close to their departed loved ones:

  1. Lighting a candle
  2. Keeping pictures of them close
  3. Wearing memorial jewellery
  4. Visiting a departed loved one’s favourite place
  5. Cooking a departed loved one’s favourite meal
  6. Hosting a meal with friends and family
  7. Playing a departed loved one’s favourite song
  8. Wearing a departed loved one’s item of clothing
  9. Watching a departed loved one’s favourite film
  10. Planting a memorial tree or flowers in their garden