• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

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Alison Stanley, a talented writer, and actor from North Tyneside has embarked on an exciting journey with the launch of her new production company, Stanley Productions. Stanley Productions is more than just a creative venture; it’s a commitment to fostering new writing and bringing the magic of theatre to communities, schools, and individuals of all ages.

As part of this endeavour, Alison is pleased to announce her latest theatrical project, “You Need to Say Sorry.” This riveting play, written by Alison herself, is set to premiere at Laurels in Whitley Bay, running from November 14th to November 25th, 2023.

“You Need to Say Sorry” explores a topic that is often overlooked – domestic abuse and coercion in older individuals. The story revolves around characters in their later years, depicting the unique challenges and vulnerabilities faced by older people. It’s a poignant and eye-opening examination of the perils of online relationships, a world unfamiliar to many from the older generation.

Alison Stanley and the immensely talented Rod Glenn take on the lead roles in this thought-provoking play. The characters in the play are carefully crafted to address the issues of domestic abuse, coercion, and the pitfalls of online encounters, particularly for older individuals who may be new to the digital world.

Alison’s meticulous research process for the play involved conversations with older people from various backgrounds. Their experiences ranged from humorous misinterpretations of online abbreviations to heart-wrenching tales of falling victim to scams and deception. Some even shared their harrowing experiences with online relationships that escalated into domestic abuse.

The uniqueness of “You Need to Say Sorry” lies in its two-character setup, providing an intense and immersive experience. The play unfolds in real-time, following the first meeting of two people who have connected through social media. The female character, under the watchful eye of her daughter, decides to meet the person she has been conversing with for a while. The narrative explores the uncertainty of truly knowing someone, even after extensive online interactions, within the context of a real-time, face-to-face meeting. The audience are immersed in the story by being part of the location which is set in a café.

Amidst the serious themes of domestic abuse and coercion, “You Need to Say Sorry” incorporates moments of comedy, showcasing the awkwardness and humour that can arise when two people meet for the first time. These light-hearted moments serve as a stark contrast to the play’s more sombre themes, creating a powerful and emotionally resonant performance.

The play incorporates four flash-forwards in time, providing the audience with glimpses into the future of the characters’ relationship, should it continue. These flash-forwards progressively intensify, illustrating the descent from control and coercion into physical violence. “You Need to Say Sorry” challenges perceptions, ignites discussions, and raises awareness about the hidden struggles of older individuals navigating the digital world and the grim reality of domestic abuse.

“You Need to Say Sorry” promises to be a powerful theatrical experience, highlighting the importance of understanding and addressing the complexities of online relationships and domestic abuse, particularly among older individuals.

Tickets from Laurels, Whitley Bay, running from November 3rd to November 25th, 2023.