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Your FREE Ultimate Marketing Metrics Matrix

At Narrative, we pride ourselves on being champions of professional marketing. We believe in effective marketing made simple. Marketing should be measurable, valuable and above all, aligned with business objectives to ensure effectiveness.

A huge part of being a professional marketer is being able to qualify and quantify the results of your decisions. To be able to make informed decisions about your results you need to measure the right things. As champions of professional marketing, we’ve created the ultimate metrics matrix to help you plan and evaluate your marketing across a range of channels and tactics.

Our metrics matrix has been developed in collaboration with our experts in digital marketing, on- and offline advertising, PR, content marketing, events, brand, website development and design, and marketing strategy.

Whether you’re planning an outdoor advertising campaign or a VIP event, we’ve got a metric for you. Just choose the column for the activity you are implementing and use any or all of the metrics with a cross in the column to measure the results.


Got some metrics to add to our matrix? Tweet @narrativecomms with your suggestion.

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