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You’re hired! Yarm School launches its own version of The Apprentice

18343Yarm School has launched its own version of The Apprentice as Lord Sugar’s contestants continue to battle it out on the small screen.

Sixth Form business students are going head-to-head to complete a series of challenges, just like contestants on the BBC show.

Fourteen hopefuls are embarking on a journey which will see one of them crowned Yarm School Apprentice 2016.

The contest is the brainchild of business teacher Miss Caroline Rhodes, who wanted to provide students with hands-on business experience.

Just like the Alan Sugar-fronted series, each challenge will be headed up by a different project manager and competitors who don’t measure up will hear those dreaded words: “You’re fired!”

The first test has already been set by former pupil, Konrad Harandon, as Lord Sugar had other commitments. Team Veolia and Team Gold have been set the challenge of coming up with ideas for alumni merchandise, with pupils Thomas Gaffney and Alana Clift volunteering to be the first project managers.

Other tasks are likely to include either buying or making goods to sell at Yarm School Christmas Craft Fair on November 21. Whichever team makes the most profit will win

Miss Rhodes said: “Each task is designed to enable students to show off their growing business acumen. Unlike the BBC version, we want to keep our pupils involved and learning throughout the months we run the competition.

“So rather than being sent home if you are fired, you have points deducted from your team total. If you are victorious, you will be given a special reward that week and all the points will be added up. The winning candidate will be presented with a trophy and have the accolade of being the Yarm School Apprentice of the Year.

“It makes the challenge harder in some respects, because you could actually find that you’re fired several times rather than just once.”

Headmaster David Dunn added: “As a school, our ethos is to provide our pupils with an holistic education which is not just about academia, but about building confidence. You never know, we might have the next Karen Brady or Alan Sugar among our contestants.”

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