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10 Things to do in Antalya Turkey


Oct 15, 2022 #Dentist, #Turkey

I don’t know anyone who does not like holidays, and it is easy to see why. Holidays give you an opportunity to relax without worrying about waking up to a waiting list of routine chores or strenuous and stressful work.

However, if you want to enjoy your holiday to the optimum, plan ahead! The question is: What is a good plan for the holidays?

First of all, begin by identifying a great destination. And how do you know a destination is great? Well, ask yourself if the place has interesting sights to see, views that are not common elsewhere in the world.

Find out if the cost of living in that place is affordable. If you can enjoy your local travel once you have arrived, and also buy your daily meals and pay for accommodation without feeling like you are being robbed, the place might be worth consideration.

How hospitable are the people? If they are known to be welcoming, you will love being around them and interacting with them. So, it is a plus for a destination if the people there are friendly. 

Is the place politically stable? This is an important point as nobody wants to venture into a war zone when out looking for a place to relax and enjoy. In line with this is the people’s culture. You are going to have the time of your life if the people at your chosen destination appreciate your style and mannerisms; or if they are, at least, accommodating. 

Now, all these great qualities seem to describe a popular place in Turkey known as Antalya! This is one place you are bound to feel at home irrespective of your culture or religion. You will also be spoilt for choice when it comes to interesting things to see and do. 

If you have an inclination for history, your quest for historical facts will be fulfilled at Antalya, and if yours is sheer fun at the beach, there are long coastlines for you to enjoy. Let us see some of the fun things available in Antalya and you can see what to include in your holiday itinerary. 

  1. The Beautiful Antalya Beaches

Not many places are like the province of Antalya when it comes to the number of nice beaches you can visit, and how varied these beaches are.

Note that Antalya province, whose capital is Antalya City, is in a country that borders five famous seas, one of them being the massive Mediterranean. The other seas that share a border with Turkey are the Aegean, the Sea of Marmara, the Levantine Sea and the Black Sea. 

From the coastlines of these seas, you can enjoy the beauty of seven great beaches – the Konyaalti Beach, the Lara Beach, the Women Beach, the Olympos Beach, the Belek Beach, the Kaputas Beach, and the Kleopatra Beach. 

  1. The Olympus & Ciralli

The Olympus represents the ruins of an ancient city that lay in a river valley, and it is now a protected area geographically located towards the south of Ciralli. In other words, anyone interested in history would like to visit this place that is free from modern-day noise and pollution.

Eateries and boarding premises here are simple; no luxurious hotels or resorts that normally buzz with human activity. Instead, you will enjoy the quiet of the place the way backpackers do, and relish the look of tree houses and tiny beautiful shacks.

Cirali itself is a small but beautiful sleeping village, which offers visitors an attractive seafront. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the beach bay, residents and foreign tourists mostly relish the serenity of the place. 

So in that calmness, you can enjoy the bountiful beautiful flowers that thrive in Cirali, the palm trees and blossoming vines all nice and green, and the distinctive cacti. And like everyone else around, you will cherish the jasmine scent the place is known for, and the chirping of birds as they fly above you.

Sounds like a location a newly-engaged couple might wish to spend time. Great also for anyone who longs to take a break from the chaos of big towns and cities…

When the sea breeze blows past, not only do you enjoy the feel of it, you also get to enjoy the sound leaves make as they are blown along. How about the chance you could watch a turtle hatching! 

This is a real possibility at Cirali, and if you miss this, you will, at least, witness the turtle’s pattern of laying eggs and witness what they do to protect those eggs for incubation.

Besides enjoying walks and admiring the beauty of the place, you can also enjoy a swim or even snorkel in the coastal waters. 

  1. The Pammukale Sights

This location will cater for your enjoyment whether you are buzzing with energy, laid back, or with a mindset to learn some history.

You can visit the Pamukkale amphi-theater that is not only massive but also fascinating. This mammoth structure that can accommodate 12,000 people was built by the Romans many years ago, and it is said to have once accommodated a theater and a stadium. It is a unique experience to be in such an ancient structure whose ruins have been properly maintained, and still reflects the uniqueness of the Roman architectural design. 

There are also the Pamukkale Traventines that will offer you a memorable experience if you choose to have a dip in the thermal pools, whose waters are famous for their richness in calcium. You might even experience some natural healing as these waters are said to have healing properties beneficial to people with ailments even as serious as high blood pressure. 

Other pools you are bound to like are the Pamukkale Belediyesi, where not only are you allowed to swim, but you also get a precious opportunity for canoeing and mud-pooling. 

  1. The National Parks

Antalya has several national parks that are an attraction to visitors, where there are numerous natural features and rugged terrain. Besides walking and climbing canyons, you can also enjoy a swim and hot drinks in available cafés.

The alluring national parks at Antalya include the Koprulu Kanyon Milli Parki; the Beydaglari Sahil Milli Parki; the Tekirova Tabiat Parki; the Gulluk Dagi Milli Park, also referred to as the Termessos; the Uzumdere Milli Parki; and the Altinbesik Magarasi Milli Parki. 

  1. The Hierapolis Archaelogy

If you ever wondered how tombs looked like, you will be able to satisfy your curiosity when you visit Antalya. There are tombs at the Hierapolis Archaelogy, where there are also statues and other items of interest like historical artefacts.

The Hierapolis, which is also referred to as ‘Holy City’, comprises ancient ruins from the era of the Greeks and the Romans, and it is one of the world’s UNESCO heritage sites. 

This place, located on the south-western side of Anatolia, has hot springs that date back to the 2BC, and which visitors use as spas. If you would like a healing holiday, these spas make Antalya the place to be. 

And this is in addition to the many high-quality and affordable health facilities in Antalya! It is also a fascinating sight to watch the water from these hot springs cascading to form what is referred to as ‘Cotton Castle’. 

  1. The Kursunlu Waterfall

The area occupied by the Kursunlu Waterfall in Antalya is massive, covering a bewildering 586.5 hectares. The area around it has been serving local and international visitors well as a nice picnic area; one that also bears the aura of romance. 

Turkey appreciates the great value the Kursunlu Waterfall gives the region, both as a natural and economic treasure. Hence the country has marked the waterfall as a nature park under the country’s Environment & Forest ministry.  

  1. The Antalya Aquarium

Another feature you will be glad you included in your itinerary to Turkey is the Antalya aquarium. It is actually a massive tunnel dubbed the globe’s biggest tunnel aquarium – measuring an entire 131 meters in length!

This is one feature you can enjoy even with children as there is plenty of snow and ice to play with. Visitors enjoy moulding their own snowballs with actual snow, as they admire the impressive Ice Museum. 

There are also plenty of tropical reptiles that you can watch from the safety of a technology-based cinema. Even as you admire the fascinating features of the Antalya aquarium, you can also enjoy nicely made meals at the site’s welcoming restaurants and cafes. 

If you want to contrast the quietness of the Ciralli, the Antalya aquarium is the place to be. This location is Antalya city’s most lively place.

  1. The Turkish Riviera

If you hear someone speak of the Turquoise Coast, it is in reference to the Turkish Riviera, a part of Turkey that is not wholly in Antalya province, but extends also to the province of Mugla. 

Do not miss this location if you are out for adventure. You will love the Duden waterfalls on the Duden River, which have a fascinating duo-cascade. One of the waterfall’s cascade drops an impressive 15 meters, and it is a whole 20 meters in width. 

Still within the Turkish Riviera is the Manavgat River, which originates from the Taurus Mountains and creates beautiful scenaries as it proceeds to pour into the Mediterranean. One of the scenic spots of this river is the Manavgat Waterfall, where visitors love to take photographs, enjoy picnic and cruises, and even to swim.

  1. The Kusadasi Castle

The Kusadasi Castle is an ancient old fortress in Antalya, which has a small museum inside. This structure that was once used to accommodate the military was originally constructed in the 14th century, and it was magnified and modified in the 18th century. It is, therefore, a valuable historical site.

Some scholars like to visit the Kusadasi Castle that is situated a little to Antalya’s northeast, to see the home of many famous thinkers. Some of the thinkers who add to the fame of the Kusadasi Castle include Varius the philosopher, and one of Archimedes’ pupils, Apollonius. 

  1. The Kleopatra Beach

The Kleopatra Beach on Turkey’s southern coastline is within the Antalya area. Not only do visitors enjoy walks on the beautiful beach, but they also enjoy venturing into the nearby caves known as the Damlatas. 

You may wish to share the same experience the famous Queen Cleopatra did many years ago, when she stopped and swam in the clear waters on her Mediterranean voyage.  

Antalya’s Kleopatra is a nice and safe location to swim, snorkel and sunbathe, and participate in several other water activities. If for nothing else, at least you should be curious to visit this beach that Europe has granted the blue flag title; one awarded not only for cleanliness but also safety.

Also while at the Kleopatra, you can enjoy the Antalya cuisine in the cafes nearby, or the international dishes in the modern restaurants.

At the end of the day, it is best to maximize your stay in Turkey as a visitor, and if you have chosen Antalya as your destination you can take advantage of the modern health facilities available, including a popular dental clinic Smile Dental that is known for its high-quality services and hospitality. 

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