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ByDave Stopher

Jun 29, 2018

The new Mitsubishi Shogun Sport is the most advanced and capable full-size SUV ever produced by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC). Engineered for customers who need their 4X4 to have a real depth of abilities, Mitsubishi Motors’ new off-road flagship delivers not only distinctive styling; ample interior space and high levels of luxury, it also provides genuine off-road performance and advanced safety technologies as well as Mitsubishi Motors’ legendary toughness and reliability.

Bold Design:

  • Distinctive ‘full-size’ SUV exterior design
  • Striking “Dynamic Shield” visual identity
  • Muscular shape with chunky wheel arches and sharply contoured sides
  • Eye-catching LED lighting front and rear
  • Aerodynamically designed to reduce air resistance and lift
  • Front end designed to limit water splash when off-road

Driving dynamics:

  • Surefooted handling and on-road performance
  • Extensive work in NVH insulation and refinement
  • True all-terrain performance
  • Terrain Control System with four settings as standard
  • Super Select II 4WD system with rear differential lock
  • All-aluminium, 181hp, 430Nm, 2.4-litre, turbocharged diesel engine
  • All-new eight-speed automatic transmission –exclusive to Shogun Sport

Advanced safety features and technologies:

  • Automatic LED headlamps and Rain-sensing wipers
  • Reversing camera with rear parking sensors
  • M-ASTC: Mitsubishi Active Stability and Traction Control plus Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD), Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
  • (ACC) Adaptive Cruise Control (Shogun Sport 4)
  • (FCM) Forward Collision Mitigation (Shogun Sport 4)
  • BSW: Blind Spot Warning (Shogun Sport 4)
  • 360˚ view camera (Shogun Sport 4)
  • UMS: Ultrasonic Mis-Acceleration Mitigation System (Shogun Sport 4)

Luxurious interior:

  • “Cockpit” environment with high centre console and deep supportive seats
  • Flexible seating for up to seven occupants plus luggage
  • Leather upholstery and premium materials
  • Electric front seats (heated on Shogun Sport 4)
  • Fingertip control of electric handbrake, 4WD and off-road modes
  • Piano black finishes to the centre panel, floor console and door trim

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport in detail:
If the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is the brand’s technical flagship, then new Shogun Sport is undoubtedly Mitsubishi Motors’ flagship off-road vehicle. It is the most capable vehicle in its growing range of SUVs and 4X4 vehicles, combining luxury and comfort on-road with exemplary performance off road, while at the same time making an immediate impression with its bold, imposing style; versatile seven-seat interior and full complement of advanced comfort, technology and safety features.

Bold Design
The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport immediately stands out thanks to its bold exterior design, distinctive rear styling and chunky, muscular features. Its imposing front end is dominated by Mitsubishi Motors’ striking new “Dynamic Shield” front fascia and enhanced with chrome grille bars and powerful LED headlamp/DRL clusters. As well as giving the Mitsubishi Shogun Sport an unmistakable presence, the front has been specially honed to reduce aerodynamics, thereby reducing fuel consumption and noise, as well reduce the amount of splash-over created when wading. For example, air dams are positioned ahead of the front tyres to reduce air resistance and lift, while the A-pillars are rounded and flush with the glass.

From the side, the Shogun Sport is sharply contoured by a crease that punctuates the front wing and rear quarter panel, emphasizing the muscular nature of the squared off wheel arches, while rear wings taper inward at the rear to smoothen airflow and lower drag.

The rear design is both purposeful and stylish with an elevated rear valance to aid ground clearance and LED rear tail lights that have a distinctive vertical design. The integrated roof rails, sill trim and side steps reinforce the Shogun Sport’s all-purpose versatility while the whole design is finished off perfectly with diamond-cut, 18-inch alloy wheels with contrasting black gloss elements.

The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport is available in three metallic shades (Deep Bronze, Atlantic Grey and Sterling Silver), two pearlescent finishes (Imperial Red and, on Shogun Sport 4 only, Cosmos Black) as well as one solid paint (Polar White).

Engine and Transmission
The Shogun Sport is powered by Mitsubishi Motors’ renowned 4N15 inline 4-cylinder 2.4L MIVEC turbo diesel engine. Engineered for high performance and fuel efficiency, the 4N15 uses a lightweight, aluminum cylinder block and Mitsubishi Motors’ MIVEC variable valve lift and timing control to switch between two cam profiles to tailor engine performance for low and high speed operation. This is aided by a variable geometry turbocharger, which controls turbine boost to maintain the optimum balance between power and efficiency, and a high-pressure (200MPa) fuel injection system. As a result, the Shogun Sport produces 181hp at 3,500 rpm and 430 Nm of torque from just 2,500 rpm.

To improve performance, economy and refinement still further, Shogun Sport is also equipped with a new eight-speed automatic transmission. With a wide spread of closely-stacked ratios, the new transmission extracts engine power more effectively to achieve smooth acceleration and while also ensuring that the optimum ratio is chosen for every driving situation, thereby improving both driver satisfaction but also fuel consumption and emissions. The transmission also employs idling neutral control which reduces internal energy losses caused by torque converter drag when the vehicle is stationary, improving fuel consumption in congested traffic.

The eight-speed automatic transmission also has Sport Mode manual override to allow the driver to change gears as they wish using either the shift lever or paddle shifters. So whether driving along winding roads, using the engine for braking on a down gradient or accelerating to overtake or power up an incline, Sport Mode allows the driver to shift gear rapidly as they wish. In 4WD models, the transmission switches to separate shift patterns when SAND or ROCK are selected in the Off-road mode. This prevents the driver from unintentionally shifting up and, by making frequent use of lower gears to provide the torque needed, delivers excellent all-terrain performance.

Driving Dynamics
The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport has been engineered to deliver a superb driving experience regardless of the terrain. It fuses the legendary off-road ability that is synonymous with Mitsubishi Motors, with punchy on-road performance and effortless handling that makes even the most routine drives a real pleasure for the driver.

Up front, the Mitsubishi Shogun Sport is equipped with a double-wishbone, coil sprung suspension with an anti-roll bar to ensure precise chassis and steering control and reduce body roll through corners. There’s a quicker steering rack to improve responsiveness and reduce the number of turns required lock-to-lock, and the power assistance has been calibrated to reduce steering effort at low speeds while providing greater feedback at higher speeds. In addition, its turning circle is just 11.2 metres, impressive for a vehicle of this size and a useful feature on the UK’s narrow roads.

The rear suspension comprises a multi-link arrangement with coil springs while the mount points and the structure of the lateral rod mounts have been engineered to offer excellent stability in a straight line and during cornering.

In addition to its sharp dynamics, the Shogun Sport also offers high levels of refinement and comfort. A large proportion of high-tensile steel has been used in the body, making it both lighter and more rigid, while a stiffened front end structure and the use of larger body mounts has reduced the amount of vibration transmitted to the body.

The addition of extra sound insulation and sound absorbing materials, as well as vibration damping material in strategic areas, achieves a significant reduction in overall NVH. In addition, front and rear damper rates have been calibrated for ride comfort and the wheel-and-tyre package carefully chosen to provide the best balance of aesthetics, handling and ride comfort.

Luxurious interiors:
For the Mitsubishi Shogun Sport, MMC created a brand new interior that further enhances its refinement and comfort while also reflecting its confident and distinctive exterior design. Leather upholstery is standard across the range and in the first and second rows, the bolsters of the seatback and seat cushions have been raised for increased support, while the seat centres use multi-layered cushioning of varying density for additional support and improved fit.

The electrically-adjustable front seats, which are heated in the Shogun Sport 4, have sunken stitching lines to emphasise the quality feel, while more rounded shoulder supports provide better upper body comfort as well as giving the seats a more inviting appearance.

The second row seats can be reclined for comfort and tumbled forward to optimise the generous interior space and enhance practicality. The Shogun Sport offers 502 litres of load space in five-seat configuration, which increases to 1,488 litres with the 60:40 split rear seats folded.

Up front, the dashboard flows seamlessly into the raised floor console, where the drive mode selector dial, electric handbrake and off-road mode switches are conveniently positioned aft of the leather-wrapped automatic gearlever. The raised console creates a cockpit-like feel when combined with the deeply sculpted front seats, while the sporty, reach-and-rake adjustable steering wheel, on which the driver can find easy-to-use switches for the (adaptive) cruise control, audio system and other functions (e.g. 360-degree camera on Shogun Sport 4). Paddle shifters for the automatic transmission are mounted on the steering column of all models, enhancing the cockpit feel while adding an additional level of control.

A multi-information display in the instrument panel provides details on fuel consumption, fuel range and eco-drive assistance in addition to drive and off-road modes. Premium materials complete the luxurious ambience, enhanced by piano black finishes in the centre console and door trim, as well as silver details around the centre stack, gear selector, air vents and door grab handles.

All Shogun Sport models are equipped with Mitsubishi Motors’ Smartphone Link Display Audio infotainment system, which supports Apple CarPlay*¹ and Android AutoTM*², the safest and most convenient way to use a smartphone in the car. The driver can use voice control or the SDA’s seven-inch touch screen to get traffic-optimised navigation directions; make and receive calls; access text messages and listen to music, all in a way that ensures their focus isn’t diverted from the road.

Off-Road Performance
Building upon eight decades of 4WD know-how, MMC has equipped the Shogun Sport with its most advanced and capable Super Select II 4WD system.

Simple to use yet incredibly effective, the Super Select II 4WD system has a normal torque split of 40:60 front-to-rear when four-wheel drive is selected, enhancing grip while still providing a natural, neutral feel to the driver.

Depending on the driver’s needs, they merely have to twist the selector dial located on the centre console to switch between four distinct transmission modes – 2H, 4H, 4HLc and 4LLc.

2H is for normal driving, with drive directed to the rear wheels only to offer reduced fuel consumption, the best performance and enjoyable RWD handling. 4H sends drive to all four wheels (40:60 F:R) and can be engaged at speeds of up to 62mph on all surfaces so drivers can adapt to the changing conditions (e.g. muddy roads or cross winds when towing) on the move. For the ultimate off-road performance, 4HLc locks the centre differential to provide optimum traction on snow-covered roads or high drag surfaces such as sand, while 4LLc uses lower gears to maximize the levels of traction that can be exploited. In 4HLc and 4LLc modes the rear differential can be locked via a dashboard button when still more traction is required.

The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport is also the first Mitsubishi vehicle to feature a new Terrain Control System which offers four off-road driving modes at the touch of a button:

  • Gravel – Allows the optimum amount of wheel slip for maximum traction and mid-corner stability on gravel roads
  • Mud/snow – Controls wheel slip to maintain momentum in slippery, heavy-going conditions by moderating throttle input and maintaining wheel movement with reduced intervention of Active Traction Control
  • Sand – In soft, sandy conditions this mode uses the Traction Control system’s limited slip differential effect to maintain traction, while utilising a unique AT shift pattern across the transmission’s wide ratio spread. This mode also uses the Active Stability and Traction Control system to maintain momentum when travelling at higher speeds.
  • Rock – Reduces wheel slip by using the Traction Control system’s limited slip differential effect when one or more wheels lose contact with the ground or when climbing steep gradients. It also uses a unique shift pattern which makes use of the full-speed AT’s low gears.

Aiding progress in the most extreme off-road conditions is the addition of a rear differential lock. Only to be used off-road and manually selected by the driver, the system mechanically shares engine torque between both rear wheels equally to maximise traction in extreme situations, perfect for serious off-roading where a controlled, stable drive is needed to clear serious undulations or power through deep mud, for example.

A wading depth of 700mm means that the Shogun Sport can also comfortably tackle the likes of rain-lashed trails, deep fords or flooded country lanes.*

Enhanced Safety:
The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport also benefits from the latest in MMC safety technology, its advanced features working to protect occupants, other road users and pedestrians, both in determining the risk of an impending accident and in the event of a collision.

Occupants are protected by Mitsubishi Motors’ RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution)** body which consists of a high-efficiency, energy-absorbing chassis frame with larger section members for stiffer reinforcement. A frontal structure efficiently absorbs and distributes impact energy and a rigid occupant safety cell offers outstanding crash-worthiness. Supplementing its safety shell, the Shogun Sport is equipped with seven airbags including front and side airbags, side curtain airbags and a driver’s knee airbag.

To prevent accidents in the first place, all Mitsubishi Shogun Sports are equipped with all-rounded ventilated discs, the fronts featuring large two-piston calipers, as well as ABS and EBD with Emergency Stop Signal, which warns following vehicles by flashing the rear hazard lights in an emergency braking situation. An electronic handbrake is also standard on all models.

Mitsubishi Active Stability and Traction Control is on hand to stabilise the vehicle by regulating engine output and applying brake force when instability is detected through sudden steering inputs or when one or more wheels start slipping. It also restricts wheel spin of the driven wheels to provide optimum drive force and traction. In addition, all models feature Hill Start Assist, which prevents the vehicle from moving backward on a gradient by maintain brake force for two seconds after the driver’s foot is removed from the brake pedal.

For off-road situations, Hill Descent Control maintains a constant speed when travelling down a steep or slippery gradient by controlling vehicle braking. The system operates between the range of 1 mph and 12 mph and is speed adjustable via the brakes or accelerator.

Finally, the automatic transmission also benefits from an advanced adaptive control system where the optimum gearing is chosen for different driving situations: Uphill Control (also useful for towing), Downhill Control (to exploit engine braking), Throttle Release Control (where upshifting is temporarily prevented when the accelerator pedal is released to provide engine braking plus instant engine response once the throttle is re-applied) and Rapid Kick-down Control.

A rear view camera, reversing sensors and speed sensing automatic door-locking feature are fitted to every version, while the top-of-the-range Shogun Sport 4 models are equipped with the following advanced safety technologies:

  • Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM) FCM utilises a millimetre-wave radar to assess whether there is risk of a collision with the vehicle in front. A visible and audible warning is provided if a risk has been identified, escalating to autonomous braking if a high risk of collision has been determined.
  • Blind Spot Warning (BSW) BSW uses ultrasonic sensors located in the rear bumper to detect vehicles near the rear quarters. BSW alerts the driver through an illuminated symbol in the driver’s mirror and via an audible alert (activated when the indicator is in use) when a vehicle is in the driver’s blind spot.
  • Ultrasonic mis-acceleration Mitigation System (UMS) UMS reduces the chance and severity of hitting obstacles when the driver mistakenly presses the accelerator when stationary or at speeds of up to 6 mph. The system uses ultrasonic sensors to detect obstructions in front of or behind the vehicle and will regulate engine power while emitting an audible warning.
  • Multi around-view Monitor System (MMS) MMS also known as 360 camera employs four cameras at the front, rear and in the side door mirrors to display a bird’s-eye view of the perimeter of the vehicle, which is displayed in the Shogun Sport’s seven-inch colour touch screen. A guideline overlay also assists the driver when reversing.

The range:
The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport goes on sale in July priced from £37,775 OTR for the Shogun Sport 3 and £39,775 OTR for the Shogun Sport 4 version.

Model Specification:
Shogun Sport 3 – £37,775 OTR

  • 18-inch alloy wheels
  • Leather upholstery
  • Electrically-adjustable front seats
  • Seven seats
  • Power folding mirrors
  • LED headlamps, tail lights and Daytime Running Lights (DRLs)
  • Dual-zone climate control
  • Reversing camera with rear parking sensors
  • Keyless operation with push-button start
  • Privacy glass
  • Automatic headlamps and wipers
  • Bluetooth connectivity with music streaming***
  • Smartphone audio with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, DAB and six speakers
  • Seven airbags
  • 8-speed automatic transmission
  • Super Select II 4WD system
  • Off-road Terrain Control System
  • Rear diff lock
  • Hill Descent Control
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Trailer Stability Assist

Shogun Sport 4: £39,775

Specification as 3 Plus:

  • Heated front seats
  • Mitsubishi Power Sound System with additional tweeters and a 510W amplifier
  • Headlamp washers
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM)
  • Blind Spot Warning (BSW)
  • 360˚ view camera
  • Ultrasonic Mis-Acceleration Mitigation System (UMS)



OTR Price (June ’18)

Shogun Sport 3 


Shogun Sport 4


Technical Specification:

Shogun Sport

4WD Auto

Dimensions (mm)

L 4785 / W 1815 / H 1805 / WB 2800

Boot Space (Litres)

502 (131 in max legroom configuration)

Track F/R (mm)

1520 / 1515

Ground Clearance (mm)


Off Road Angles (Degrees)

Approach 30.0 / Breakover 23.1 / Departure 24.2

Towing Capacity (kg)

3,100 (braked trailer)


2,442cc MIVEC Turbo Diesel

Power (hp)

181 @ 3,500rpm

Torque (Nm)

430 @ 2,500rpm

0-62mph (secs)


Top Speed (MPH)


Fuel Economy (combined cycle)


CO2 emission (g/km)


Kerb Weight (kg)

2,100 (Shogun Sport 3) / 2,105 (Shogun Sport 4)

Fuel Tank Capacity

68 litres

Suspension Front

Double wishbone, coil springs, anti-roll bar

Suspension Read

Multi-link, coil springs

Brakes F/R

Ventilated Discs / Ventilated discs

Service Intervals

12,500 miles / 12 months

Insurance Group

43D (Shogun Sport 3) / 38D (Shogun Sport 4)


5 Years / 62,500 miles

Anti-Perforation Warranty

12 Year Anti-Corrosion Perforation

Roadside Assistance

3 Year Pan-European including Home Start