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3 Tips to Help You Hire the Best Engineers for Your Business


Nov 9, 2021

According to a recent study, over 72% of employers struggle to find skilled candidates to fill open roles. However, what’s worse is that over 50% of organizations end up hiring tech employees who do not meet the requirements of the profile.

The reality is that skilled and experienced developers are hard to find in today’s ultra-competitive job market. It’s a classic problem of supply vs. demand where the demand significantly outweighs the supply. In such a scenario, how can you ensure that you’re attracting and hiring the right engineers for your business? We’ve outlined a few tips that can help!

1. Create an objective-based hiring profile

Rather than screening candidates based on their years of experience or proficiency with specific programming languages, create a job description based on the challenges that a potential candidate will have to undertake and the outcomes you want them to achieve. Learning a new programming language is an easy feat for a skilled developer — what matters is evaluating their strengths, weaknesses, innate traits, and fundamental knowledge.

2. Follow a structured interview process

If you want to create an effective interview process that really assesses the competency of candidates, then creating a structured program is crucial. Start by listing out all the questions and topics that you wish to address with a potential candidate — a set of parameters that streamlines the hiring process. You can also conduct a series of different tests, ranging from technical to personality exercises, to determine if they are a good fit for your organization.

3. Prioritise cultural compatibility

Sometimes, despite passing all the technical tests with flying colors and bagging the position, candidates may still underperform a few months later. And one of the common reasons why this happens is cultural incompatibility. When you’re hiring engineers, apart from technical expertise, cultural fit and connection are absolutely crucial.

Build a hiring process that allows you to filter out individuals who will invest time and effort into your company’s vision. They must be motivated, committed, and driven to accomplish what is expected of them.

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