Whether you have a strong personal style or like to follow the latest fashions, most of us are interested in keeping on top of new trends. From national magazines to influencers on Instagram, it’s never been easier to access trends straight off the runway – but what are the styles we’re most likely to see on our streets? 

In this post, we’ll be guiding you through four of the top fashion trends that are on the up in the North East. Read on to discover what some of the North East’s best-dressed are wearing now! 

1. A Statement Watch

You might think that smartphones have replaced the need for wristwatches, but according to Statista, over 50% of UK consumers owned more than two different watches in 2015. In fact, statement watches are becoming increasingly popular, with many people recognising that these accessories aren’t just a way to elevate your style – they can also be a pretty savvy investment. 

Whether you choose the Omega Seamaster for a timeless look or the latest smartwatch technology, there’s no doubt that wristwatches are holding their own against our mobile phones. 

2. Baker Boy Hats

Fed up of beanies and bobble hats? When the weather takes a turn, a hat is one of the most effective ways to keep off the chill – especially in the North East! But if you’re looking for a slightly more sophisticated option than a conventional woolly hat, it can be difficult to know what to choose.

Enter baker boy hats. These smart accessories may have become popular in the 1800s, but they’re now one of the hottest A/W womenswear trends. In neutral colours or simple textures, they’re the perfect way to stay warm while elevating your everyday look. 

3. Duvet Coats

The name alone is enough to make us want to put one on and never take it off. So-called duvet coats – otherwise known as ‘sleeping bags with arms’ – were once the very epitome of function over style. But today, everyone from Love Island’s Molly-Mae to Billie Eilish seems to be wearing one. 

Whether you throw yours on to cover a basic outfit or use it to dress down something fancier, duvet coats are a fashion trend which almost all of us can get behind (and inside). 

4. Microbags

Gone are the days of the huge slouchy tote bag that could carry all of your worldly belongings. Today’s trends favour the microbag – which, as its name suggests, is a lot more modest in size. 

On the catwalk, microbags can be comically small. In fact, we’ve even seen lipstick cases on long straps that are designed to be worn across the body. Although you’re unlikely to see people on the streets of Newcastle carrying bags that could barely contain a pound coin, it’s definitely true that our bags are becoming smaller – so opt for a more minamilist lifestyle and choose a compact bag that carries only the bare essentials. 

Would you consider wearing any of these trends? From headware to handbags, these are the top four styles to watch out for on our North East streets.