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4 Quick Decisions to Make During Workplace Emergency

ByDave Stopher

May 21, 2021

We are no strangers to reading and watching the news regarding fires or earthquakes, etc., causing destruction in an office building and harming lots of people. The simple thing is you can make as many safety arrangements and take as many precautions as possible; no one can stop when a disaster is meant to be.

There have been multiple cases in the past few months where employees at a certain workplace suffered serious injuries or even lost their lives because of workplace emergencies. It is vital for all people working at a building to know how to tackle difficult situations and take quick decisions to escape unharmed or limit the damages.

Proper safety measures and escape plans

First and foremost, your workplace should be well prepared to deal with any kind of possible mishaps. Fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, emergency exits, and proper first aid kits are compulsory for all offices. When the entire staff works in tandem, it is possible to stop the emergency completely or limit the damage done to the building and, more importantly, to the staff.

Employees should be given escape training at least once or twice in six months so that they know what to do in emergency situations quickly. Mock drills should take place to teach employees how to use various safety equipment and know-how to vacate the building fast through emergency exits.

These are some of the best and quickest decisions to save yourself and others if you face a dangerous situation while working at your office.

  1. Ring the alarm and inform everyone as soon as possible

Imagine you work in a very, very big building with multiple floors and areas. If a fire has started in a room or if burglars have entered the building from a certain room, obviously not the entire building will know about this. The first person to identify the emergency should ring all alarms near him and ensure all staff knows what’s going on.

Everyone will be alert and help each other out once they are informed. A small issue may turn into a huge problem if the first people to know about the emergency don’t spread the word right away. Many robberies can be stopped if staff bravely hold them off together until the police arrive.

  1. Make use of fire extinguishers in case of fires


Fires are one of the most common emergencies in offices. Short circuits are the biggest reason for fires which can cause immense damage to the building and injure or burn people. Usually, the fire alarm goes off immediately, and then the staff has to act accordingly.

First of all, you should use the fire extinguisher correctly and use it to put out fires. Small fires can be stopped through an extinguisher. It is best to act fast and extinguish the fire before it spreads. If you think the fire is too big to handle, just exit the building fast and let the Fire Department do its thing.

  1. Call for support and try evacuating through the fastest exit


Whenever there is a workplace emergency, you should call the nearest police station right away for help and help each and every staff member to exit the building quickly. You should know about the emergency exits on each floor and the fastest way to leave the building.

Employees should be informed and taught properly for emergency training. Workplace Emergency Management have various training programs for workplace mishaps. The qualified and trained professionals will create proper emergency plans for you and train all employees in the correct way. Training for fires, natural disasters, robbery, and theft, etc., is provided here.

  1. Do not panic and ensure no one is left behind in danger

Staying calm is not easy during an emergency, but to act quickly and make the right decisions, it is vital not to panic and be calm. It is normal to make wrong decisions, but this can be fatal during an emergency. If you have trained earlier for such situations, you will be able to tackle such an issue in the right manner and protect yourself and others around you.


Human life is very important, and we have heard a lot of news regarding workplace emergencies where innocent people lost their lives. It is true that no one can stop the inevitable, but we can work to reduce the impact and save lives. Take proper emergency training and make sure you and your employees are ready to tackle any emergency that occurs at your beloved workplace.