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5 Amazing iPhone Widgets to Use in 2020 and Beyond

ByDave Stopher

Sep 30, 2020 ##Social

iOS can be pretty restrictive when it comes to the customization choices of its users. This is where widgets come into play. Widgets allow you to take a glance at important information and perform functions without having to open the apps.

There are a ton of apps out there with useful widgets, but here are the best among the best iPhone widgets! Continue reading to learn more about the 5 best iPhone widgets and what they can do.

1. CalZones

With CalZones, you can see all the time zones that matter to you. You can also view the traditional calendar view and jump to days with scheduled events. CalsZones makes it easy to see what time those events take place in each time zone.

CalZones also has the option to make new events using the app itself. The app and widget have a compact view that acts as a time zone converter. This app is incredibly handy if you need to coordinate a meeting or call from different time zones.

2. Launcher

One of the best iPhone widgets is Launcher. It has a clean interface and provides everything using quick action tools for easier access. You can mix and match your apps, contacts, websites, and music.

You can even assign specific actions like contacting a certain friend, getting directions, and so much more. The app can allow set up for up to 6 widgets at a time. You can find the widgets on your lock screen or home screen.

3. Flipboard

Flipboard is the best news widget for iPhone. You can use your social feeds to curate the best online content in your magazines. Flipboard showcases new stories and articles from a variety of industries and interests.

You can check out politics, economy, LGBTQI, psychology, social media, and many more. The best feature of Flipboard is that each article has stunning visuals.

4. Evernote

Whether for writing, collecting photos, making lists, or scanning documents. Evernote is the best iPhone widget for note-taking and storing all your projects. The widget allows you to make notes from the Notification Center.

It also shows your recently viewed notes. By clicking on the Show More button, you can show a few more notes and use a bunch of handy actions. Your notes will sync to all your devices with Evernote so you won’t have to worry about retyping.

5. Shortcuts

With Shortcuts, you can automate certain tasks with the help of simple shortcuts. You can build custom shortcuts to execute some actions. From posting tweets, creating alarms, and download videos from a tap of a button.

You can launch shortcuts in your Today widget, from Search, or by asking Siri. It has over 300 built-in actions and works with your favorite apps. Apps like Calendar, Maps, Photos, Camera, Safari, and Reminders.

You can also see the check the time and see the percentage of your battery. But you can check out this post to learn more about the built-in feature to show you the battery percentage on your iPhone.

Download the Best iPhone Widgets

Make your iPhone more productive by using the best iPhone widgets. These can help boost productivity and quicken simple tasks done on your phone.

Of course, you shouldn’t stop with these widgets. Discover some of the best apps and iPhone tips by reading our other in-depth guides right here, today!

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