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5 Best Marketing Strategies for Consumer Electronics Shops

Consumer electronics remain in high demand. Despite Amazon and big department stores seemingly snapping at the heels, this niche creates a significant chance of succeeding.

Besides the ongoing importance of increasing trust and brand credibility, there are a number of tried-and-tested marketing strategies that can help you gain the upper hand.

This article covers marketing gimmicks that are found the most effective for consumer electronic shops. Let’s dive right into it.

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5 Top Strategies for Consumer Electronics in 2021

If you are selling any electronic devices that people use for office work, leisure, or communication, then you are at the right place. Employing and developing the following techniques is a must for your business:

Focus on Hyperspecialization

Know what you are selling and to who you are selling from cover to cover. 

Unlike eCommerce corporations that can afford to target the general public and offer the best prices, try to focus on specific audiences and tailor your offerings following their needs and expectations.

Make it easy for a specific target audience to purchase.

For example:


Thus, study the needs of your target audience and take advantage of the data that you collect to hyperspecialize.

Luckily, the majority of platforms and CMSs allow you to achieve the required level of personalization. For instance, Mageworx, Magento modules development company, has made provisions for merchants on Magento 2 to target specific customers and customer groups with custom discounts and coupon codes. For owners of consumer electronics shops, such functionality allows catering highly individualized offerings. 

Sharpen Checkout Page Experience

Guest checkout, social login, one page checkout, delivery-oriented checkout…

How flawless, intuitive, and have-it-all is your checkout page?

Besides ensuring error-free checkout flow, consider boosting the average checkout price of a transaction. Getting a shopper to add even more items to their carts can be achieved in several ways:

Besides, merchants keep making the same mistakes that lead to worsened customer experiences and checkout abandonments. The most popular reasons for these are as follows:

Many of these impact customer checkout experience, and each in their own way. Use data, conduct instant research, and collect feedback to find loopholes in your checkout process and make required improvements. Test.

Improve Your SEO

If you are in the consumer electronics business and your SEO has not been aggressive yet, it’s high time to consider a different approach to your SEO strategy.

In this niche, you can not afford to go small or have no budget for advertising.

Consider targeting more keywords and making a selection wider. It will increase the chances of getting some of your pages ranked higher.

Note that as the number of your pages grows, so does the necessity to cultivate more backlinks. Consequently, you will need to write more blog and guest articles, which results in extra money and time expenses.

Be Active on Social Media

Electronics and social media must go hand-in-hand. When we deal with physical products, your potential buyers expect to see your brand and offerings on as many social media platforms as you can afford to manage, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

With social networking, doomscrolling, and an overall high level of people’s engagement within these channels, the chances are high that your company posts will get displayed in your follower’s feeds. Ads are found effective for this niche too. Besides attracting new subscribers and potential buyers, remarketing campaigns are often a way to rekindle customer interest to an offering.

Plus, social media is known to trigger viral marketing thanks to various giveaways, special deals, video reviews of gadgets, unwrapping, tagging, and so much more.

Yes, such a level of engagement is quite time-consuming, but in the long run, it pays off.

Enhance Post-Sale Marketing

How can you make a buyer return to your electronics e-store?

Foster client loyalty.

But there are more tricks to help you make your brand memorable and attract returning users:

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Bottom Line

Can you beat the eCommerce behemoths? No, not really.

But it doesn’t mean that online consumer electronics shops have no future.

Despite eCommerce giants having much more resources, they lack the much appreciated personalized customer experience and hyperpersonalization.

Integrate these strategies into your marketing mix, and an increase in sales won’t be long in coming.

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