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5 Best Ways to Boost Your Twitter Following

Twitter has become a great place to increase the reach of your business as well as for people to express themselves and share their opinions. This is the social media platform which is completely different from the other social media platforms in the market mainly because you have just two eighty characters to update your audience about a new product or to even make a good marketing impact on your audience and the potential people who may visit your profile. In simpler terms, the more active followers you have, the more followers you may gain and the more exposure your business gets through twitter which could also generate indirect leads to your website. There are more than three hundred and twenty one million active users every month and because of this, twitter has also become one of the major customer platform for marketers and people who want their businesses and brands to gain more customers and exposure.

Another thing about Twitter is that unlike other social media platforms, you need to have a completely different marketing strategy for your business and this is needed in order to attract your potential customers towards your brand and your profile. The marketing for Twitter is different because you can only market your product and business in two eight characters and you cannot exceed that.

Gaining the exposure and the followers is a completely different ball game on twitter and an effective marketing strategy that works because it is not as easy to grow your followers on Twitter especially if your brand is not well known. 

You have to struggle and be consistent with your efforts to gain the followers and increase your exposure because you need to do it ethically and organically.

So, what are the five ways that can boost your twitter followers?

Engage with your audience and participate in conversations

The reason behind this is that every social media platform promotes the accounts where the engagement is high and have an active follower count. While it is necessary to have followers, it is equally important to have followers that actively participate and promote your content which increases your engagement count and also helps in broadening your reach to a lot of your potential customers. 

Creating tweets that are relevant to your audience and retweeting their tweets will again, not only add variety to your content but will also help in broadening your reach to different people. 

Also, another way to increase your engagement with your followers is to participate in a number of conversations with your followers, especially if the topic is trending on the social media platform. This will again promote your content and your brand to grow and expand its reach to its potential users and customers.

Optimise your profile

A lot of people follow an account, especially when it comes to a twitter account on the basis of their profile and their account. This is one the main reasons why you should add the links of your websites, and other social media platforms to your twitter account so that when a person knows that when they check your account and the content you post, that your brand and business is legitimate. 

If they like your content and if they want to know more about the content you post, they will follow you and that is why it is important to make sure that the quality of what you post does not go down as well and you do not post for the sake of posting.

Know what to post 

Be original with your content and be true to your content. While it is equally important that you keep in mind what you want to post about, it is equally important to promote your brand and gain exposure, one of the easiest ways is to jump onto the trending topics or the trends that are going around. 

But it is also important to remember not to compromise on the voice of your brand and what it represents. The main goal is to create content that people can relate to and enjoy, and they also have to share it with others in order to increase your reach. That is why it is important to create relevant content.

Right time to Tweet

You should research and analyse which is the right time for you to tweet content that will promote your brand and what time exactly, even the days, that work for you. To know when and what time your audience is the most active in order to increase the engagement on your tweets is important to know but it is equally vital for you to make sure that you do not spam in the process of promoting your brand. To do this, you will need to export tweets, following and other relevant data so you could analyze them, eventually using it to optimize your posts. 

This may tend to get annoying for a lot of users and there is a high possibility and chance that they will unfollow you because they might find your content no longer relevant to them because of all that promotions. It will also be smart to know the trending hashtags and use it in your tweets. When your tweet is posted with the relevant and right hashtag, it will increase the curiosity of the Twitter users and the message will reach a wider audience.

To comment and follow other users

This is one of the most common tips but a lot of people do not get the memo and lose out. When you follow other users, you are showing people that you find their content interesting and increasing your engagement.

These are a few relevant tips that actually work with consistency and efforts, and it is important that you do this on a regular basis without being inconsistent, otherwise this would reduce your engagement and this would result in lesser followers.

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