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5 Common Alternatives to Smoking

ByDave Stopher

Jun 1, 2018

Smokers who want to break the habit know how it’s easier said than done. Quitting smoking has many pitfalls, and going cold turkey is one of the most common. To be successful, the process entails lots of support and some form of intervention. Nicotine replacement options have advanced beyond the gum, patches and lozenges. Clinical, therapeutic and technological innovations present viable alternatives to combat the strong addiction. The best way to avoid failure is to determine which methods give you the highest chance of success.

1. Acupuncture

The ancient therapy is a very effective approach to smoking cessation. It helps by stopping the jitters, reducing cravings, and detoxifying the body. Techniques vary, including the traditional way, the “stop smoking” acupuncture point, use of Chinese herbs to complement treatment, and an ear massage. Pressure points in the ears are useful in suppressing the strong desire for nicotine.

2. Laser Therapy

Similar to acupuncture, laser therapy stimulates various points on the body. Not to be mistaken with a surgical laser, cold bio-stimulation light pulses are directed towards points on the face, ears and hands. The holistic method utilizes low-intensity light to stimulate the production of endorphins, the brain’s natural mood enhancers, and painkillers, to imitate the effect of nicotine.

3. Vaping Devices

Vaping offers a less harmful, cost-effective, and an even more enjoyable alternative to smoking. Vaping won’t cause bad breath nor discolor your teeth. The vapor doesn’t stink like smoke. Most importantly, it contains none of the toxins released by the combustion process in traditional cigarettes. You and other people around you won’t be inhaling all the horrid tobacco additives. After making an investment in one of the best electronic cigarettes, all you need to do is replenish your favorite e-liquid at nominal cost. Depending on how often you’ll vape, a bottle could last for days up to a couple of weeks.

4. Herbal Cigarettes

A tobacco-free option, herbal cigarettes are believed by many to be a safe alternative to smoking ordinary cigarettes. What the device contains are specially-treated and flavored pure herbs. It delivers a psychological rather than chemical effect, allowing you to instantly stop smoking nicotine. Whenever you get tempted to smoke, grab an herbal cigarette instead. However, it’s advised that this product be used in moderation, that is, only until you’re finally able to quit in about a month or two. The problem with herbal cigarettes is that they are generally unfiltered, meaning it may contain tar and carbon monoxide that can do more harm than good.

5. Hypnotherapy

Smoking habits typically integrate into one’s lifestyle, making it more difficult and a nightmare to let go. This is where hypnosis comes in. During the process, the subject enters into a trance, making the mind susceptible to psychological manipulation. The purpose of hypnotherapy is to curb the smoker’s addiction to nicotine and to puff the cigarette. You may also have it performed to help you focus on your ultimate goal to stop smoking.


Compared to addictive tobacco cigarettes, these substitutes and alternatives offer a safe means for quitting. Your choice depends on what appeals to you most for much-needed relief from withdrawal symptoms. Go with the smoking alternative which makes you feel comfortable and you’re likely to stick with until you reach your goal.