A careers day was just the job for these aspiring young schoolchildren.

Percy Main Primary School teamed up with the North Shields Chamber of Trade and Commerce to open children’s eyes to a host of career opportunities in the North East and beyond.

The children, who dressed as what they wanted to be when they grow up, were able to hear from and take part in activities put on by 24 members and ‘friends’ of the Chamber.

Representatives from businesses and services who went back to school on Thursday (15th June) included dentists, lawyers, bankers, web designers, media consultants, the police and the fire service.

Year 5 pupil Lexie Chirnside, 10, said: “I really enjoyed the activities we did. It has been different to what we normally do on a school day and I feel like I have learned loads.

“I want to be a vet when I grow up because I love taking care of animals but it was good to hear about different jobs we can do.”

Year 2 pupil Leighton Parker added: “It’s been fun as we have done lots of different things and have had visits from people who are really cool!”

This was the third time members of the Chamber have visited a North Shields school for a careers day over the past two years, previously visiting Christchurch Primary School and Waterville Primary School.

Chairman of the Chamber Miles Walton said: “It started when a local school said to us that their children needed to find out more about the world of work, and the opportunities open to them.

“We want to make sure children have a broad range of jobs to think about, without giving them a hard sell to any one career.

“Children need to find out at an early age what is out there. If you wait until senior school they may have already got in their minds the things they like and don’t like, without knowing the full range of opportunities there are for them.

“The careers days have grown each year we have done them, and we look forward to carrying out more in the future.”

Headteacher of Percy Main Primary School Rachel Butler added: “We want to say a huge thank you to Miles and the friends and members of the Chamber who came down to put on what was a wonderful day.

“It was all about raising aspirations and helping the children understand why education is important, and what it could lead to.

“The children left school buzzing and parental feedback has been brilliant too. Everyone involved spoke so wonderfully about their work and really kept the children engaged. Thank you so much again for a really memorable day.”

If you are interested in becoming a member of the North Shields Chamber please see www.northshieldschamber.co.uk or email loulaggancoaching@outlook.com.