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5 Lighting Tips For The Home

ByDave Stopher

Apr 1, 2024

The power of strong lighting in a home cannot be underestimated. The right choices in light bulbs and lamps can set the mood in a room and make family and friends feel more at home. Installing the best lighting for your home is about more than the bulbs. You also need to consider the wiring, switches, and overall functionality of the space. Here are 5 tips to help you out.

1) Choose LED lights over fluorescent bulbs.

LED light bulbs are more accessible than ever, and with good reason. They offer a nice tone when upgrading your ceiling lights and don’t flicker. They are also up to 80% more energy-efficient as they convert almost all their energy into light rather than heat. On top of that, these eco-friendly bulbs can last up to 10 times as long. This is a plus for the planet and for anyone who hates trying to find something sturdy to stand on to change a lightbulb.

2) Install multiple gang switches for added convenience

Some lighting systems offer an all-or-nothing approach to lighting a room. Either all the ceiling bulbs are on full blast, or you are in complete darkness. You might prefer to set up different circuits for greater choice, perhaps with some under-cabinet lighting included in the set-up. Each circuit then ends at a multiple-gang switch that puts you in complete control. These plates vary in size and could include three or more switches if needed.

3) Try a dimmer switch to change the mood.

If you’re happy to have one single ceiling light or multiple on at once, you could lower the intensity with a dimmer switch instead. These pair pretty easily with dimmable bulbs to create a softer and warmer vibe in the evenings. The switches are as easy to use as a standard flicker switch and can come in more ornate metal options to suit your décor. Just make sure your switch is compatible and handled by a qualified electrician.

4) Play with coloured lighting for some added wow factor.

Coloured lighting can have a massive impact on our mental and emotional well-being. Green wavelengths can ease stress, while purple tones are soothing after a long day. Coloured light bulbs make it easy to adjust a room to suit your needs. Rather than go all-out with ceiling lights, you could find a colour-changing lamp or add some colourful lighting strips around the room. These are especially cosy underneath bookshelves in a reading nook.

5) Bring in as many options as possible

Your lighting requirements will change throughout the day depending on your mood or activities going on in a room. There will be times when those bright white ceiling lights are essential, such as when cleaning or entertaining guests, and others when softer lamps and accent lights are more suitable. Don’t overlook the potential of a stylish standard lamp near a dining table or a flexible desk lamp for important tasks.

Make Your Lighting Work For You

Essentially, the key theme here is choice through versatility. Specialist retailers like ACAS Electrical are worth checking out for wider range selections. The more options you have, the more inviting and functional your room becomes. So, consider alternative solutions for lighting a room, look at different types of lamps, play with those colour options, and install the best switch for ease of use.