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5 Qualities of a Great Manager

Being an effective and high-achieving manager is important for your personal growth, as well as the growth of all the individuals whom you manage, and the growth of your business. A manager is like a movie director. There have been a few cases where a well-known and loved actor disappoints the audience, and these disappointments have been traced to the movie director. You should think of a manager in the same light. When a manager under performs or doesn’t try to bring the best out of the employees, there is a measurable adverse effect on the said
employee(s) and the business’ achievements.

So, whether you manage ten, a hundred, or a thousand employees, here are a few qualities every manager should have.

Time Management

It is compulsory for every manager to know how to achieve the most possible results in the smallest of periods. You should also be able to encourage and motivate your employees to do the same. Learn how to prioritize, set the most important things first, and arrange the rest accordingly. Punctuality is also important. If you’re not very punctual, your employees could start to dislike you, especially if you always call them out for the same thing. When you’re not liked, you definitely won’t get the best out of them.


No matter how skilled or well-read you are, there is always new information to soak in every day. You shouldn’t sit in one place with the knowledge you may have acquired and expect that’s where it ends. Always seek knowledge and learn new things that will not only help you personally but also help you manage people a lot more effectively. You could take a class, meet more superiors, or even take online management courses from platforms like E-Careers that will help you improve significantly.


There probably is no way to effectively lead people if you can’t communicate with them. Communication must be effective and properly done. Learn to pass messages as they should be passed but also learn to listen to your team. In other words, as much as you want to communicate with your employees, you must also give room for them to communicate with you.

Division of Labour

You can’t do everything on your own. The mere fact that there are people under you is a direct pointer to the fact that it’s impossible for you to do everything on your own. So, learn to delegate. Give people tasks to do and trust their ability to do it. This point also helps you be a better time manager because you have more time to take on other things if others are already handling some.


Even though you’re their boss, you must learn to give all your employees the respect that they deserve. Treat them like human beings and make sure you’re not being unnecessarily hard on them. Don’t be a difficult boss to work with because such a person doesn’t get the best of the employees. If you treat them with respect, there would be little or no stiffness in the workplace, and this will promote effectiveness and efficiency.

As a manager, be kind and as magnanimous as possible to your employees. You can only get them to work efficiently if the workplace is not toxic and uncomfortable. This rests entirely on you and you should always remember that.

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