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5 Things to Do in Sydney Once the Pandemic Ends

The social distance made so many people’s lives so dull. Fortunately, it seems the world has achieved quite some milestones in containing the virus. Things will soon get back to normal, and we will have the time to visit our favorite destinations. From Sydney boat hire for a party on the water to beach day trips and parties, we’ve missed out on a lot of fun. Here are the things to do in Sydney once the pandemic ends.

1. Swim at the Bondi Icebergs Pool

You don’t have to be too keen to realize that this is Australia’s most photographed pool. It is located in Sydney and attracts thousands of tourists every week. This 50-meter salty pool is the ideal spot for sunbathers.

It has served as a landmark for more than 100 years, making it something you want to experience. Suppose you are in love with someone, come sun-bathe together at Bondi and strengthen your relationship.

2. Attend the Kosciuszko

This is yet another race for horse-race lovers. If you are one of them, you will absolutely enjoy the Kosciuszko. The first run was held in 2018, meaning it is not an old event. This epic condition race is run amid the Sydney Spring Racing Carnival and gives away more than $46 million in price.

Attend this event and witness your favorite horses give their best on track. The over 1200m race is highly competitive, and you can never predict the winner before the race ends.

3. Join the Epsom Handicap Event

Epsom handicap is the best event you can ever attend in Sydney. With at least one million dollars to be won, this event attracts some of the best talents to run the mile. After the pandemic, this is the place to be with your loved ones.

Suppose you are searching for a lead into the race, then you want to pay attention to races like the Shannon Stakes, the George Main Stakes, Theo Marks Stakes, and the Tramway Stakes. Epsom handicap is the best way to step out with a bang after the quarantine period.

4. Try the iconic manly ferry

Despite the fact that locals use it every day to commute to work, the manly ferry voyage is an incredible treat. Maybe the pandemic caused you to avoid crowded places, so you need to up your social skills one more time when things open up.

Though the vehicles work perfectly, the iconic manly ferry gives you the chance to experience Sydney harbor in a different way. You will go past Taronga Zoo, Sydney Opera House, and the Harborside beaches.

5. Sydney Harbor Bridge

Do you know why you should try this? You will get a rare chance to go up the world-famous coat hanger. Come with your little ones or friends, and they will enjoy this spectacular moment with you.

If you are looking for something quite touristy after the pandemic, this is one of the things you must try. The breathtaking sight will give you an iconic view of Sydney and its proximity, so don’t you dare miss out!

Closing thoughts

Don’t hold yourself back. Go ahead and have fun in Sydney. Not to be biased, but Sydney has everything you need, so why don’t you go ahead and visit the places suggested above. If you like, there are a lot more places and things to do in Sydney, so feel free to do your homework. The sporting events are best experienced with loved ones and friends, so get them on board and explore Sydney together.

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