In the simplest way, digitalization involves transforming any information from analog to digital. A very simple example is the creation of an electronic library that contains all the documents (exits, inputs, internal) of a company instead of paper storage.

When the Electronic Library was introduced, the objective was to reduce an important time that was wasted unnecessarily when searching through the physical archives. The reason why digitalization plays such an important role in the business world is that it makes work much faster, easier and more efficient. This phenomenon is happening in all companies today, even if some people don’t realize it.

Most companies and departments are continually fighting for efficient improvement. There is a (good-natured) tendency among companies, which conventionally implies access to more efficient, better, more technologically updated tools and technologies, which will ensure processes aimed at increasing efficiency and improving productivity.

Digitalization is more than a conventional change, it has to go beyond the patterns we are used to. And when discussing printing, it is necessary to keep in mind that the transformation process is often hit by fantastic resistance among organizations. Because it involves changing the processes that the staff of a company has become accustomed to over time. So, the shift to digitalization involves, first of all, the change of mindsets and a process that includes a well thought out implementation plan, step by step.

Digitalization is about doing things differently and about doing different things as well. Doing things in a different manner will help you achieve strategic objectives in the company from the following points of view:

  • Facilitating innovation – innovation will ensure your business continuity in the medium and long term;
  • Improving the user experience, whether we are talking about customers or employees – a better experience ensures a higher efficiency plus a clearer communication;
  • Eliminating the complexity among the processes within the company – shorter execution time, higher quality of results, faster objectives;
  • Minimizing risks and exposure of the company – digitalization implies an electronic archiving with a high degree of security, with limited access depending on the profile of the users.

The use of outdated software solutions, which have not been able to keep up with the rapid changes in the digital age, only sabotage you from the point of view of the result. Even if the change seems to be frightening, it is a necessity. You need high-tech, high-performance systems that ensure safe, clear and easy processes. Such a system successfully replaces many manual activities and ensures your safety.

Let’s see 5 ways in which digitalization changes the business world:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Some say that artificial intelligence will not be able to visibly overwhelm the processes of companies, and their predictions do not seem to be very happy. But the reality shows us the opposite of these predictions. More and more business owners are looking for solutions that include AI.

Artificial Intelligence also plays a key role in cybersecurity. It helps security experts to analyze data which will improve the capacity of the program to detect potential harm and neutralize it. Many online platforms are up to date with the latest security systems, even casinos like Sts UK are keeping up with the latest security systems since their users’ data are very important for them. Having a secure website nowadays is a must for all companies, since most of them are keeping sensitive data online in Cloud Systems, that’s why AI focuses also on security systems, to keep every company safe in the online world.

If we look around, we can easily observe that AI has already changed the business world. Many companies already use it in automating activities, analyzing data, creating algorithms, improving communication between the company and its clients, or for inter-departmental communication.

Flexible work

Due to the digitalization we can choose how to work and when to work. With all the data and information stored on digital media and devices, we can access them from anywhere. Technological progress and digitalization have made it possible to adapt the work program to personal needs and lifestyle.

Given that many services are provided with the help of technological tools, more and more companies are relying on freelancers and remote work, because they can deliver their work via the Internet and various platforms. And sometimes much faster than those who work in the office. A system that offers you remote access anytime, by accessing a VPN or directly in CLOUD, can be the perfect solution to enjoy flexibility.


Innovation brings with it continuous development. Eliminate the company ceiling. It gives you competitive advantages, it gives you visibility, it helps to create the brand. Digitalization refers not only to “transforming the paper into an electronic archive” but also to finding new ways of developing them.

Innovation in technology helps companies come up with new ideas, reach a wider audience, but above all, create a better product that will make customers happy, satisfied and to improve their daily lives.

New business models

Many of the new business models are based on digitalization. With all the information and tools available online, companies can create business models tailored to their needs. They can improve their old strategies with new ideas, they can engage new resources in their plans, they can build something distinct, completely different and innovative. This plays an important role in providing a perfect product and was not available before the digitalization era.


Everywhere we hear about communication. And that’s because it is the most important aspect of our lives. Without communication we cannot discuss business. Without proper communication, a business cannot thrive and develop the right product. The lack of the correct transfer of information leads to misunderstandings, conflicts and last but not least, to blockages. Fortunately, there are many tools and channels through which a business can communicate with both employees and customers. For example, Facebook groups, websites, conferences, information sessions. All of this is possible due to the digitalization!


The business world without digitalization would be even tedious. Digitalization, due to technological progress, makes it possible for the business world to develop and create new opportunities for companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers. It is recommended that you take full advantage of the great possibilities it offers, especially when it comes to developing your own business.