As the autumn leaves start to fall from the trees and the colder months creep in, it means homeowners across the UK will be preparing their winter to-do list. A list that includes a few checks here and there around the house and garden to keep that precious warmth inside and the cold out.

By doing some basic checks around your home in preparation for the colder weather, you could save yourself a ton of money and the hassle of dealing with unwelcome critters that could cause damage to your beautiful home.

There are many ways to get your home prepared before the winter sets in, from cutting and treating the garden grass to repainting exterior wood. Although if you want to keep your home as warm as toast throughout the winter, you may want to check the 5 ways of insulating your home.

Insulate Windows

Windows are a common culprit for heat loss during the winter period through little cracks and faulty seals. Insulating your windows is a quick and effective way of keeping the warmth inside with simple methods like:

  • Caulking the edges of your windows is a common way of preventing heat loss.
  • Using thermal curtains is an effective way of keeping cold air out and also reducing outside noise due to their special lining. Another benefit of buying thermal curtains is that they come in stylish designs and colours to add instant beauty to your home.
  • Removable magnetic window insulation uses magnetic paint and tape to keep a vinyl (cut to the shape of your window) in place when the windows are closed.

Check Central Heating System

Before the winter creeps in, it is always best to get the central heating system checked for potential leakages or sludge build-up in the pipes. Nobody wants a nightmare situation when coming home to find out that the radiators aren’t getting hot and the boiler doesn’t switch on.

A plumbing and heating engineer will be able to examine the central heating system for you and inform you if anything needs repairing. A quick inspection from McRoberts Heating could save you a lot of money if your heating system breaks down during the winter months.

Clear Out the Gutters

Removing the leaves and debris from the gutters will prevent any build-up that can accumulate in the gutters and block the rain from pouring down the drainpipe, causing water to overflow down the walls and windows, and any standing water will freeze in snowy conditions.

A build-up of leaves in the gutter is also perfect for rodents and birds to make their homes during the winter period. The last thing you want is a visit from pest control!

Keep The Attic Critter-Free

As the temperatures start to drop below zero, unwelcomed squirrels, birds, and rodents without a home try to enter through the soffit and fascia between the guttering and any other area of your roof that has small enough holes for critters to enter.

One way of preventing tree animals from entering is by trimming any tree branches away from your home and installing coverings over any holes or vents.

Check The Chimney

It’s always recommended for homeowners with a chimney to get it checked for debris and obstructions before using the fireplace in winter.

A professional chimney sweeper will also clean any black creosote that forms on the chimney when burning wood. Large build-ups of creosote can be dangerous as the chemical compound found in the tar-like substance is highly flammable and is the leading cause of house fires.