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6 Tips on Finding the Right Jewelry for Your Girlfriend


Apr 23, 2020

If you’ve been dating your girlfriend for a while, it may be an excellent time to get her some jewelry to show how much you care for her. People often give jewelry as a gift as a way of indicating that they’re committed to someone long-term. Whether it’s an engagement ring or a beautiful necklace, getting your girlfriend a jewel is a gesture that she’ll likely appreciate. The only problem is you might not have any idea what she’ll like. If you feel clueless about what to get her, keep these tips in mind when you go shopping for jewelry next time.

  1. Put thought into your choice.

Perhaps the most helpful tip you could follow is to put thought into the jewel you get your girlfriend. The way you put thought into your selection is to consider certain things about the type of person she is. Think about the kind of clothes she likes to wear. Does her style tend to be more bold and colorful, or does she like to keep her outfits more simple and minimalist? It would also help to remember the colors that you see her typically wear as well. As you gather all of your thoughts on these things, this will help you have a more specific idea of the kind of jewelry to get her that fits her style. Worst-case scenario, you might pick something that maybe she wouldn’t have necessarily picked herself, but she’ll at least know that you put thought into it. You could even explain to her your thinking of why you selected the specific jewel you chose for her.

  1. Consider the symbolism of the jewelry.

Certain types of jewels can have different meanings when given to someone. Knowing the symbolism of different types of jewels can help you pick something that aligns with the message you want to convey to your partner. Necklaces with a pendant symbolize having a strong connection with someone. The pendant that rests on the chest of a person is associated with connecting to a person’s heart. Bracelets can mean a variety of different things. Some have been given as a sign of close friendship, or as a way of giving someone good luck.

Earrings usually reflect beauty and elegance. Trending pieces like butterfly hoop earrings, can really highlight the facial features of your partner. It has been suggested that giving earrings can be a way of showing your partner that you’ll always offer them an ear to listen to their thoughts and feelings. It will probably come as no surprise that the jewelry that most symbolizes a high level of affection is a ring. Rings often symbolize a sacred bond of honor, commitment, and promise. While giving a ring is often associated with engagements, you can choose to give a ring without having to propose as long as you make your intentions clear when you’re giving her a ring.
  1. Pick a jewel that matches the occasion.

You can give a jewel to your significant other for a variety of occasions. Certain jewels are better suited for certain special events. One common reason you might be getting your girlfriend jewelry is for an anniversary. Anniversaries are the best time to get an extravagant style of jewelry for your girlfriend. Look for a necklace or pair of earrings that are specially designed. Think about something that would represent whatever first you’re celebrating, such as the first time you met, the first time you kissed, or any other important first in your relationship. For birthdays, you can get your girlfriend the birthstone of the month she was born. If you’re planning to propose to her, while it’s recommended that a ring should cost two months of your income, the most important thing is to get a ring that you feel symbolizes the love you want to give to her for the rest of your lives.

  1. Consider the metal color.

There are three main types of metal color you can give your girlfriend. It can be silver, yellow gold, or rose gold. Pick a color of metal that fits with her preferences. You can observe some of the colors of metal you see her typically wear. If she mostly wears silver metal, then choose a silver-colored metal. If you’re unsure of what metal to pick, it’s hard to go wrong with yellow gold. It’s a timeless metal that has always symbolized high value.

  1. Determine the right size.

It’s always important to make sure the size of the jewelry you get is in proportion to your girlfriend’s size. One example is if is you know your girlfriend has small fingers, then its best to avoid picking out a really large ring. Similarly, if your girlfriend has a small ear, you should avoid getting particularly large earrings, as these will make her ears look smaller. You’ll find when you’re looking for the right size of jewelry; size charts will be available to help you make the right choice. It’s also helpful to just use the size of the jewelry she already wears as a guide.

  1. Ask her what she wants.

If, after following all of the previous tips, you still have no idea what style of jewelry to get your girlfriend, it’s completely fine to ask her what she likes and what she would want. Knowing what she wants will undoubtedly guarantee she’ll like the jewelry you give her. You could plan a day of romantic activities that involve doing all of the things that she loves. Then, once you’ve done all the activities, you could tell your girlfriend that you wanted to pick out something special for her, and together, you two can pick out the perfect jewel as a reminder of the special time you’ve spent together.

Picking the right jewelry for that special lady in your life can have its challenges. Understandably, you might be very cautious in what you choose since you want to make sure you pick something that makes her happy. Following all of these tips will help give you the best chance to bring a smile on your girlfriend’s face, and show how much you appreciate her in your life. If your girlfriend is into minimalist jewelry, you can look for some at this link: https://jewelrylab.co/collections/minimalist-jewelry.

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