A logo design is a crucial component of any business. The face of a brand represents your business in front of the world. People recognize your brand from the brand’s logo. Also, it is so powerful that it turns your company into a brand. Therefore, designing an stunning one is important. 

Here, we have picked out 7 Best logo Maker tools for 2021. These logo makers can help you create custom logos for your business online only in a few simple steps. You do not need to spend hours on designing or finding a perfect designer for this purpose. Just go on these reputable sites and create an amazing one for yourself in a few minutes. 

So, Best logo makers are- 

  • Designhill Logo Maker 

Designhill logo maker helps you design unique and stunning logos in just a few clicks. It makes informative logos that are eye pleasing too. You just need to select 5 styles that you admire and logo Maker does the rest. 

It creates templates matching with your choice. You can customize the logo to create a final logo that fits all your demands. You can change colour, icons, layouts, etc to create a stunning logo design. 

You can get basic resolution logo files for free and higher resolution files for $65. Enterprise package comes for $150 and is available for bigger companies. 

  • Hatchful 

This Logo creator is a simple one and is perfect for inexperienced designers. Only 4-5 clicks can help to create a logo for your business. You can choose a business space, select a niche, look at the logo, name of the site. Based on this information, this logo generator creates few beautiful template designs. You can also share designs with others while working.

It charges a few bucks for the premium version. However, you can use the basic version to create a logo for free. Its package consists of certain logo images for site and social media accounts. 

  • Canva

Canva is a greater website for professionals as well as beginners. You do not need to watch tutorials for using and designing on Canva. It has numerous template designs for fb ads, blogs, Instagram posts, stories, logos and much more. 

Just select a logo design template that suits your business and make changes in it. Customization features make designing with Canva so easy and simple. 

You can download your work in jpg, png and pdf formats. 

This is a free logo Maker but for access to the premium version you need to purchase a package for $12.95 per month. 

  • GraphicSprings 

This platform is an online logo generator that creates a whole different level of experience in logo designing. It provides its customers complete freedom of customization. You can change the shape or form of the logo template that you choose and mold according to your necessity. Features of logo designing are displayed on the left side bar. 

4 plans for pricing are available- Basic, Standard, Pro and platinum.  

  • Basic- High resolution custom logo can be created and downloaded in jpg format. It costs $20. 
  • Standard- $40 pack includes logo editing, custom resolution and downloading in pdf, jpg and png format. 
  • Pro- it costs $100 and has a facility of vector files and social media. 
  • Platinum- This package costs $200 and is great for big companies. It includes presentation templates, graphic protection etc. 
  • Hipster Logo Generator 

As the name suggests, this logo generator creates hipster style logos. It creates classic and attractive logo designs. You can download free logos but downloading high resolution files charges you. 

High resolution logos can be downloaded at $5. 

You only need a basic idea for logo design and choose a niche and a huge number of templates start appearing. 

  • Squarespace Logo Maker 

This logo creator is known for creating simple and classy logos. Simplicity makes logo designs professional and sophisticated. 

You can create logos for business cards, websites, t-shirts etc. You can even test how your logo design might look on different platforms and make required changes. 

The Design logo is free at squarespace. High resolution files can be downloaded for free by customers of squarespace. However, non customers need to pay $10 for service. 

  • Tailor Brands 

Simple and eye pleasing logos can be designed with Tailor brands software. All you need is to enter a business name and little more information. In a few seconds, you will see templates popping up on your screen. 

You can choose different font styles for your logo. It also gives a sample of how the logo looks on business cards, websites, social media etc. 

Three versions of tailor brands are available based on pricing and features. 

  • Basic- This charges $4 per month. High resolution files can be downloaded with this version. It includes a logo resize tool, watermark tool etc. Complete ownership is provided with files. 
  • Standard- this charges $6 per month. More than 50000 images and icons are available. It creates logos for business cards also. 
  • Premium- It costs $13 per month. This one is best for social media marketing as it provides social media tools too. 

So, logo designing can be more simpler and easy than you ever thought. Only a few clicks can create amazing and world famous logo designs. If you want to create one too, these platforms are a great place to start.