Using a marquee melbourne for your wedding is the perfect solution when you need to accommodate a large number of guests. When hiring a marquee, you can host your wedding at home in your backyard or any other preferred venues. With a marquee, you have so many options when planning your decorations.  You can dream up your ideal theme and make it a reality. With these seven guidelines, you can have the inspiration you need to start the planning process.

1. Selecting The Lining For Your Marquee First

Looking for a singular thanks to make your big day a touch more unforgettable and entertaining? Try renting a photograph booth for your wedding. Photo Booths supply a fun and memorable way for you and your guests to interact and make amazing mementos of your big day .

Photo booths are a hot new trend for weddings. They not only provide something fun and interactive for your guests, but they’re an excellent thanks to create a photograph montage of your big day. Seattle photo booth companies provide you with a CD compilation of your day’s photos, et al. will even place them online for you and your loved ones to access, share, and print. Wichita wedding photographer offer a scrapbooking option too, a must have if you would like to make an in depth archive of special notes and pictures from your day .

Most marquee rental providers have a great selection of patterned and colored linings and valences at your disposal to choose from. Carefully review all your options and reserve your preferred choice before deciding on the decorations and your color theme that you’ll be utilizing for the wedding. Knowing this about marquee will help you when you are looking for an affordable photographer for my wedding in Portland.

2. Utilizing Audacious Decorations

A marquee may be an obsolete image, but it’s also a sizable space that needs decorating. Small and delicate arrangements may be overlooked entirely, whereas large and bold decorations will be perfect for setting the scene. Consider using pedestal flower arrangements and elevated centerpieces for the tables to create a dramatic impression and to fill out space such as outdoor fountains for your garden.

3. Consider The Ceiling

The marquee ceiling is one of the vital decorative aspects to deliberate when you are opting for comfort teltudlejning. The ceiling is usually an unadorned stretch of white, and no matter how colorful the decoration at eye level is, a blank ceiling can make the venue appear empty. There are so many options to think about that can be hanged from the ceiling, i.e., paper lanterns, garlands, chandeliers, balloons, etc. to give the space a festive feel from somewhere live wedding chapel in Gatlingburg

4. Hiring A Projector

The hottest trend that couples choose for marquee decoration is projecting colored patterns onto the inside walls of the marquee to give a wallpaper-like appearance. The design and color designs are interchangeable throughout the day. The marquee walls can be used for projecting photos of the engagement party and ceremony.

5. Lighting

Candles are not viable choices and are generally not allowed due to the fire hazard they are possessing, but you can still create a romantic setting by using alternative options. LED lights, lanterns, and cordless table lamps or festoon lights are very practical choices.

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6. Hiring The Furniture And The Marquee At The Same Time

It can be highly advantageous and economical to hire both the furniture and marquee from the same supplier. This way, you can be self-assured that everything will fit nicely, and there will be plenty of space available for guests to comfortably move around. You may also receive a discount on the hiring costs which leaves you with more money in the budget to implement elsewhere.

7. Adding Spaces Within The Marquee

With a marquee you can create spaces within the marquee, separating them with eye-catching screens for a cozier feel. You can add a photo booth and a bar area or maybe a powder room for ladies where they can freshen up.