• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

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Hopping Across The North East From Hub To Hub

On July 20th 1969, Commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin landed Lunar Module Eagle on the Moon. On 20th July 2019 at ARC, the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing will be celebrated by six female poets from the north of England, as they take to the stage to perform a series of original works and specially commissioned poetry inspired by space and exploration.

The award-winning Keisha Thompson mixes music and poetry in her piece Lunar – a blend of space exploration and afrofuturism – that explores an unusual father-daughter relationship. Thompson’s previous show Man on the Moon was described by The Stage as “a poetic and eloquent piece of storytelling.”

64 High-Flying Women by Isabelle Kenyon takes 13 minutes and 40 visual slides to tell us about every one of the 64 women who’ve flown into space.

Katrina Porteous’ Field is an astonishing journey that marries poetry, music, science and space photographs to explore the strange quantum worlds created at the Big Bang.

Hannah Lasagne’s Escape Velocity is about Star Trek, the first moon landing and being stuck on Earth. Hannah yearns for her own escape velocity when the most complex technology she owns is an Etch-A-Sketch.

Lisa Louise Lovebucket’s If We Knew Why, We Wouldn’t Be Doing It is a poetic story about a pilgrimage to reset the universe. Lisa had no idea the journey would involve wizards, time dancers, false teeth, sperm hats, and sending an interpretive dance into space.

Stargazers by Katie Greenbrown is an epic tale of love, loss and star gazing. A dealer and an Astrophysicist try to make it work among the tower blocks of a half imagined future.

Kirsten Luckins, Apples & Snakes’ Producer said:

“I’m so excited to see how our latest line-up responds to both sides of our ‘space / exploration’ theme. The quality of the concepts, poetry and visual elements is really high, and for the first time we will experience a piece with a fully-integrated musical soundtrack – although it’s more deep space noise-electronica than Holst’s Planets!”

Deranged Poetesses: Space | Exploration is at ARC on Saturday 20th July from 7pm and is priced on a Pay What You Decide basis. For ages 14 +  

Bookings can be made in person at ARC Box Office, by telephoning 01642 525 199 or online at www.arconline.co.uk