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What Makes Some Escape Rooms More Entertaining Than Others

As a form of excellent entertainment, escape rooms continue getting popularity because of numerous different reasons. More and more similar places open all over the world, offering their services to local citizens and tourists alike. Scripts and sceneries might be similar, but there is one undeniable fact: some escape rooms are better and more popular than others. So, what makes one escape room superior to another?

The UK and London, in particular, are viewed as the capital of the world by many people. Lots of tourists come here. Many of them hope to visit top escape rooms in UK, choosing komnata.co.uk as their destination. But naturally, the same question occurs to them: how to select the most entertaining place and make one choice among many?


Special Atmosphere as Half Guarantee of Escape Room’s Entertainment Value

First thing you need to do as a person who’s planning to visit one of the escape rooms is to check the reviews and find out whether the unique atmosphere is created by the so-called gamekeepers. It can be achieved in many different ways, all aimed at making the clients’ time even more exciting and stimulating. Let’s review the most common ones.

First one is clothes. To enhance the atmosphere, in best escape rooms, visitors are told to change into clothing that corresponds to the time period or plot they have chosen. For example, in a historical setting, you’ll be offered special robes or armor.  It assists in imagining that everything you see happens for real, increasing your delight.

Another element is music. It can play softly on the background and intensify when you’re close to a clue or to some decisive moment. It also enhances the dramatics of the game. Finally, there are physical attributes of the rooms themselves: even mere online pics will let you see whether the room looks impressive or disappointingly simple.

Quality of Offered Scenarios 

There is also such an important thing as the plot you’re going to be exploring. Be sure to check them all via the site you’re interested in. After all, this is what is going to help you make a decision as to whether you want to visit the room or not. Usually, all scripts are divided into the following genres:

  • Horror;
  • Adventure;
  • Detective;
  • Funny;
  • Mystical;
  • Children-friendly.

Different escape rooms in various corners of the world might have similar scenarios, such as murder mystery investigation or a maze. In such cases, be sure to pay attention to the description. Is it detailed enough? What does it offer? Best escape rooms will have the most exciting summaries in the majority of cases. At the same time, lazy descriptions immediately stand out. If the site offers you just a mix of general phrases packed in several sentences, then chances are, you will not find much entertainment there.

Pay attention to all these factors when searching for the best escape room. Read reviews to find out more, check sites hosting the rooms you’re planning to visit. A lot of value you are going to get depends on you, so choose wisely and have a great time!