We usually imagine a hyper-sexual female doll with enormous breasts, sumptuous curves, a gorgeous behind, and a cute face when we think about sex dolls from www.bbdoll.com. Isn’t this what everything comes down to at the end of the day? It’s called a sex doll for a reason: it’s meant to be there when you need a release and fulfill all of your sexual desires.

Most individuals who don’t possess a sex doll will tell you this since those who do (or have numerous) will tell you an entirely different narrative. According to extensive studies, sex doll owners have discovered a means to connect with their sex doll deeper, which involves experiencing far more complicated sentiments and emotions than something as simple as a sexual object.

It’s intriguing because it demonstrates how beneficial sex dolls may be for lonely people who don’t always do well in social situations. Aren’t insoles in shoes beneficial to everyone? However, some people do. Some individuals can’t picture life without them. When it comes to sex dolls, believe me when I say it’s not that different.

So, other than having fantastic sex, here are seven additional fun activities you can do with your sex doll outside of the bedroom:

1. Bathe With Her

Your sex doll can quickly join you in a warm bath and offer you company while relaxing. Before you take your sensual experience to the restroom, there are a few things you should think about.

First and foremost, what is the material of your doll? Silicone sex dolls, for example, are more heat resistant, so if you like super-hot showers, a silicone doll is a fantastic investment.

Sex dolls manufactured with TPE are less heat resistant, which means you should either maintain the water temperature low or avoid putting your TPE doll into the bath regularly.

Additionally, you should avoid using bath bombs, shower gels, soaps, or anything else containing artificial colorants. Artificial colorants can occasionally stain your doll’s skin. However, this hasn’t been confirmed. It’s not something that occurs all of the time, but it may, and because you never know for sure.

When you consider the amount you spent on your sex doll, perhaps injuring her is not worth it. Finally, don’t submerge her head in the water when taking a bath since this might damage her oral orifice.

Take all of these tips and have a lovely and peaceful bath with your love doll.

2. Take Your Doll To A Park

If you live in a quiet neighborhood where parks are seldom visited during certain times of the day, you could enjoy resting on a bench, listening to the birds sing, or reading a book while relaxing next to your sex doll.

It’s also beneficial to the sex doll since getting her out in the fresh air now and then will help air her out and prevent the scent of home from accumulating on her skin and clothing.

3. Take Pictures With Your Sex Doll

When it comes to photography, there are no limits to what you can accomplish with your imagination, and using sex dolls as your inspiration may develop into a full-time job or something you do for fun.

Aside from that, many non-professional photographers like spending their leisure time dressing up and beautifying their sex dolls so that they may shoot them and possibly discover a hidden ability or learn a new skill.

3. Binge Watch Movies With Your Sex Doll

When you have a friend, a quiet night inside your cozy house may be much better, and that’s when having a sex doll plays so much better than being solo.

Your sex doll will not object to your choice of nighttime entertainment, but she will be more than glad to keep you company on the sofa and act as a cushion, a footrest, or just someone to hold when you feel like you’re ready to fall asleep.

4. Snuggle With Her

TPE sex dolls are incredibly soft and lifelike, and this sort of partner may make for a comfortable hugger. Simply cuddling close to her and feeling her lovely skin and soft, jiggly breasts may enhance your mood and make you feel like you have something better than the actual thing next to you at the end of the day.

One piece of advice would be to avoid exerting too much pressure or friction on her skin because, sadly, TPE is a material that is more prone to pressure-induced damage and possible permanent creases because of its softness.

5. Practice Your Bedroom Moves On Her

Using a sex doll is akin to running on a treadmill to prepare for a free run. A sex doll, like a treadmill, can improve your endurance, speed, stamina, and strength while also making you a more powerful partner in the bedroom.

Because a sex doll can’t assess or show disapproval, it alleviates the performance anxiety that many men experience while in bed with an actual spouse.

6. Take Her On A Long Drive

You’ll undoubtedly be delighted to bring your doll along and drive about with her if you like car rides. Some individuals despise being alone, so having a sex doll in the car provides them with the sense of companionship and security that many lacks.

Driving is exceptionally calming when you’re listening to music and clearing your thoughts or simply talking to your girlfriend about your day or the things that keep you up at night but can’t tell anybody about.

7. Dress Up Your Sex Doll

Dressing up your sex doll may be fun, especially if you don’t mind letting your imagination and creativity run wild. A word of caution: choose your fabrics carefully because some have a poor reputation for staining and transferring onto the doll’s skin.

Fabrics such as imitation and genuine leather, denim, latex, and dark, deeply colored clothes are typically not appropriate for use with sex dolls. Instead, select fibers like cotton, silk, polyester, pastel, and light hues.