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7 Romantic Ways to Celebrate Wedding Anniversary With Your Wife

I know that you love your wife, and there is no better way to express all the love in the world on your Wedding Anniversary date.

Women have a thing for dates, and they love it when their man remembers it and makes an effort to make it special. So here is a list of seven things you can do on your wedding anniversary.

  1. Breakfast in Bed

Starting the morning with a cozy breakfast in bed to celebrate your wedding anniversary never goes out of fashion. Well, who doesn’t like breakfast in bed? Make it romantic and special.

For mornings, candles might not be the best but play around with curtains and some other morning décor elements. You can also cook something that your wife really likes to eat. Make it a complete surprise. Spend some great time together and share special memories.

  1. A romantic flower bouquet

Flower bouquets never get old, and a romantic occasion can never be complete without it. Women love flowers. So, if you are celebrating together, the best idea is to give it to her first thing in the morning, with breakfast in bed.

But if due to other commitments, you both are celebrating this occasion in different places, sending them flowers would be one of the best things you can do.

  1. Planning a Romantic Lunch

The next thing that must follow is a pre-planned romantic lunch, with all the customaries your wifey loves. If your wife enjoys home-cooked food, you can always stay back at home and cook for her. You see, women love it when men cook.

Infact, it’s a lot more intimate than just walking through the restaurant doors and paying for the bill. Don’t forget to buy yourself a bottle of wine from

  1. Romantic Gifts

You cannot be empty-handed on the big day! You definitely want to gift her something special other than the celebration. And the only way you can come up with a good gift is if you start searching for one beforehand. Last-minute finds never fit the brief.

If your budget is on the higher end, diamond rings are an evergreen choice. But they are quite generalized and everyone loves them. Making your gift customized, for your wife, just the way she likes it, will make it extra special for her.

  1. Custom Cake Cutting

It is a must, goes without saying. One of the things you can end the day with is a cake-cutting ceremony. If it is only you both celebrating, then a small cake will suffice, but if you have quite a few relatives and friends involved, a double or triple-tier cake looks wonderful. It is quite memorable.

Also, instead of scheduling the ceremony post-dinner, make sure you both cut the cake and then follow it up with the dinner. It will also allow you to serve the cake for dinner.

  1. A Photo Collage

This first choice can help you encase all the special memories, from your dating times, including your first dates, to your honeymoon. You see, it is memorable, something which lasts, and can always add more décor to your house, unlike any other gift.

Plus, they are inexpensive, making them one of the best things you can add to your wedding celebration list.

  1. A Romantic Dinner

How you plan to end your Wedding Anniversary is as important as any other thing on the list. You can do everything right, but if you fail to do the dinner right, it will put all your efforts in vain. So be extra careful while planning the dinner.

Again, it can be either indoors or outdoors. Can be an intimate affair between you two, or you can have family and friends on board.

You know your preferences best, so pick accordingly. Some like intimacy, while some like grand celebrations.

Among the plethora of ideas, I mentioned above, my favorite pick is the photo collage. A romantic getaway also does wonders. But if you want the best for your partner, explore more, keep brainstorming, and then make a decision!

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