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7 Underrated Weekend Getaway Destinations in the US

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It seems like everyone is traveling nowadays and it’s understandable if you want to as well. Skip the crowded and overpriced tourist spots and go to a lesser-known place to have the best experience. There’s something about underrated and less-crowded places that feels more refreshing and kind of therapeutic in some ways. A weekend getaway can be a perfect way to reconnect with your friends and family over a short trip over the weekend and rekindle the excitement in your relationships.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most underrated weekend getaway destinations in the US that don’t require a lot of money to visit. Browse the list and research more about any place you like. Oh, and you’ll also need thorough research to figure out accommodation and food options to avoid any unpleasant situations during the trip. For this, you may want to upgrade your internet service to CenturyLink Internet because of its multiple speed options, unlimited data, and wide availability. Research all you want and your internet will keep up. Once that’s sorted, you can start exploring the following destinations.

1.    Asbury Park, New Jersey

If you’ve always wanted to go to the Hamptons or Nantucket but couldn’t, Asbury Park in New Jersey offers a similar vibe but on the low-key. The park has a boardwalk filled with independent restaurants and shops for dining and shopping. With wide sandy beaches, good music, good weather, and less crowd, we couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s the perfect weekend getaway for anyone living in the Tri-state area. People from other areas might want to clear their schedules before heading there.

2.    Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is one of the best-hidden gems in the South. It was voted as the top underrated travel destination in Talker Media and for good reasons. The city has a vibrant and romantic vibe with feel-good music and awesome rooftop bars to keep you entertained. The best time to visit is in the fall with no heat or crowd. You can visit the City Market and shop in the open-air marketplace filled with boutique art galleries and restaurants.

3.    Boise, Idaho

If food is your priority, you may want to bump Boise up on your list. The city was crowned one of the best up-and-coming cities by Food and Wine. There is a huge trail of almost 200 miles for all the adventurers for hiking and cycling. If you get bored of the 104 parks that the city has to offer, you can hop on your bike and drive to any of the beer and wine-tasting rooms near Boise’s Greenbelt.

4.    Carlsbad, California

For an alternative to a SoCal city getaway, Carlsbad in California is one of the best options. It’s located an hour south of Anaheim and is a beautiful seaside city. The weather is also great almost all year, but you should plan your trip somewhere around May so you can see the breathtaking Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch spanning over 50 acres. The flowers only bloom for six to eight weeks, so you better not miss them.

5.    Duluth, Minnesota

Skip the busy towns like Minneapolis and Chicago, and visit Duluth which is packed with diverse landscapes ranging from a stunning downtown to museums to boat tours to outdoor adventures. It’s a heaven for outdoor adventurers, especially if you like mountain biking. Moreover, you can also travel the Shore Scenic Railroad and get heavenly views of Lake Superior, the Northwoods, and the downtown skyline.

6.    Lexington, Kentucky

If you fancy some great outdoor scenery just like the ones horse farms have to offer, you’ll love Lexington, Kentucky. That’s not all the city has to offer and you’ll find around 120 locally-owned restaurants to elevate your dining experience. If you want to take things up a notch, there’s always the Bone Creek tour where you can zip-line almost two hundred feet above the ground or bike along the limestone cliffs on the Kentucky River Palisades Trail.

7.    Cleveland, Ohio

New York might get all the attention, and yes rightfully so, but Cleveland is another one of the most interesting cities that don’t get enough praise. There are a lot of things to do here from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to other contemporary museums and fine dining spots, zoos, and the East 4th Street entertainment district. For a place to stay, the Hyatt Regency is one of the top choices and is located within walking distance of all the major attractions.


This concludes our list of some of the best underrated places you must visit in the US. Keep an eye out for discounts on air travel as you may find cheaper flights depending on the time of year. Getting out of your comfort zone and discovering new places is an excellent way to spice things up and keep yourself refreshed. Safe travels.