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7 Ways to Revitalize Your Looks with Accessories

Accessories, like costume jewelry, handbags and headbands, represent a substantial portion of the fashion industry. Although most of the market is still occupied by clothing, accessories are worth billion. According to experts, the e-commerce segment for bags and accessories is worth approximately $85 billion.

Yet despite its economic importance, a lot of people tend to dismiss accessories. There are also people who think accessorizing an outfit is as easy as picking up the nearest bauble on their table and calling it a day. With the dumpster fire that is 2020 about to finally end, you may want to greet the new year with better looking outfits. Thanks to online marketplaces like Amazon, its easier than ever to revitalize your accessories before the new year.

Here’s a quick guide of the top seven tips on how to celebrate the coming of 2021 by accessorizing well.

  • Pick Comfy Shoes

A recent study discovered 80 percent of all Americans suffer from foot pain. This pain can be exacerbated by heavy activity and uncomfortable footwear. Although high heels often get the rap for this, uncomfortable footwear can also include shoes that are too narrow or shoes with thin soles.

Luckily for you, clunky boots will be fashionable in 2021. These boots don’t constrict your feet and come in designs without high heels. Their large soles also mean you don’t wobble with every step. Clunky boots are also perfect for winter weather because of their thick material.

  • A Little Goes a Long Way

When you’re rushing for a meeting or just quickly getting dressed, you may forgo accessorizing. But you could be missing out on making your outfit look better. A single piece of accessory can go a long way in revitalizing your look. For example, stackable silicon bracelets can make your simply outfit look fun and vibrant. A single string of pearls can turn your black turtleneck into a chic attire. A few accessories is a lot better than wearing too much and looking like a tacky display.

  • Consider the Venue

Accessorizing can be very fun, but you have to keep the event or venue you’re going to in mind. Unless you want to lose them, don’t wear earrings and similar small accessories when going to the beach. If you’re going to be outdoors in the sun for a long time, perhaps now is not the time to wear that darling cashmere scarf. Apply plenty of common sense when choosing your accessories and you can avoid losing them or feeling out of place.

Any event you’re attending should also be a factor. If you’re going to a solemn event, perhaps it’s not the time to wear bright costume jewelry and a large fancy hat.

  • Don’t Match too Much

Accessories exist for two reasons: to tie an outfit together or to highlight facets of your attire. This may require you to match them sometimes. For example, you may want to wear orange necklaces and an orange bracelet. But don’t take the color coordination too far. Mix a few colors and textures together when accessorizing to avoid looking monochromatic.

  • Get a Statement Necklace

When deciding what accessory your outfit may need to make it pop, you can rarely go wrong with a single statement necklace. These necklaces are large, often with a pendant or similar attachment, and boldly colored. They draw the eye to your face, can make your outfit look more elegant and brighten up your whole attire.

A statement necklace can be the only accessory you need to transform your look. Statement necklaces are supposed to look striking, but they’re not supposed to look too outlandish or ridiculous.

  • Clean Hands Frequently

Your hands will often be the focus of attention, which is why rings, bracelets and nail polish exist. However, no matter how wonderful your rings are, they’ll look terrible if you don’t take good care of your hand’s appearance. Routinely wash your hands and remove unsightly hangnails. Use nail clippers to trim nails cleanly and keep them shiny with a layer of clear coat. It’s risky at the moment to visit a nail salon but there are plenty of online tutorials and kits available that can help you give yourself a pedicure.

  • Organize Accessories per Season

Just because the weather has turned chilly or it’s unseasonably warm doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize. There are accessories appropriate for all climates and all seasons. Bucket hats are perfect for balmy spring days and windy autumn afternoons. Colored shades are best during the summer but can also protect your eyes from the sun glaring off snowbanks in the winter. Organize these accessories on your dresser according to season and weather to make it easier for you when you want to brighten up your outfits.

Accessories aren’t essential, but neither are they inconsequential. The right accessory can help you land a date, score a promotion or just improve the way you feel. So choose accessories wisely and begin 2021 with a new look and a new attitude.

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