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8 Trends Redefining Residential Architecture

ByDave Stopher

Jun 25, 2019 #property

While most people want to have a house that’s unique, we’re all influenced by new trends we see in magazines and on TV. So, if you’re looking to find some inspiration for your projects, here are the new trends that are shaping the residential architecture today.

Recycled materials

Sustainability is something that we need and we need it today, so the architecture is increasingly paying attention to recycled materials. While recycled materials have a primary aim to be eco-friendly, we don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics and craftsmanship. If you take a look at some of the modern buildings created with recycled materials, you’ll see how elegant and stylish they can be.

Energy efficiency

Since we have a global warming crisis on our hands, energy-efficient homes are quickly entering the market to reduce energy consumption and save homeowners utility money. Today, some companies are even designing “zero-energy” homes that can exist completely off the grid and produce their own energy. While still in development, energy-efficient homes are a quick-growing trend that is predicted to be truly huge in the future.

Compact living

With real estate markets all over the world struggling with space, small spaces are becoming a huge trend in architecture. While Australia is not battling with small parcels, Aussie people are still embracing the trend of building small. Even if you grab one of the amazing house and land packages in Austral near Sydney, you still don’t have to choose an overly large property. Since the neighborhood is picturesque and comfortable yet well-equipped with all the amenities you might need, you can afford to be more eco-friendly and choose a smaller house. The key to compact living is design and if you choose a good one, you’ll never lack space.

High-tech additions

If you nurture a healthy curiosity towards smart technology, but also see the potential it has in keeping your life easier, more pleasant, safer and cleaner, this will be a treat for you. Smart gadgets are not only accompanying us in our pockets, offices and cars, but also in our homes. For instance, if you’re worried about home safety, there are high-tech surveillance systems and smart locks. Want to make cooking easier? There are programmable appliances and even cupboards.

Large windows

Besides them adding beauty to a home and bringing the views of nature inside, large windows with a hardie plank have other purposes besides aesthetics. They can also make your space more energy efficient by reducing the need for artificial lighting, heating and cooling. When installed in strategic places, large windows can save the residents a lot of money.

Centralized kitchens

Kitchens are not only getting bigger but also more centralized in a home. They are slowly becoming the most important room in a house. They are getting awarded with cozy seating spaces, high-tech appliances and gadgets and all other luxuries that were once reserved for living rooms. Families will really start to consider the kitchen to be the heart of their home and the center of all activity.

Quiet spaces

People are yearning for peace and relaxation in this hectic world, so architects are creating so-called “quiet spaces”. No matter if classic libraries or meditation rooms, people want to relax far away from screens and clutter. Another great thing about these peaceful spaces is that they can be inserted into small and awkward corners in a home that can’t be used in any other way. Additionally, they are often accompanied by interesting architectural elements that boost their attractiveness (think skylights, green walls or even certain water features).

Urban landscaping

Modern and eco-conscious architects think that every design needs to complement, coexist and listen to nature. So, landscaping is more important than ever both in city planning and residential architecture. However, instead of going for overly styled spaces, new landscaping focuses on water conservation and soil preservation. Urban farming and agriculture are also developing and growing quickly. Even the smallest backyards can be easily turned into useful yet beautiful edible gardens that will provide house residents with fresh and healthy foods. Farming a few chickens, rabbits and even goats is also an easy way for people to enjoy organic meat and products.

While architecture trends and styles are constantly changing, one thing is for sure: green mindset dug deep into our consciousness and we can expect to see more and more sustainable architecture, healthy spaces and mindful living environments.

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