Apart from hiring a professional commercial cleaning team, there are some easy and quick ways to ensure that your office’s cleanliness and day to day upkeep is maintained.

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Here are some tips for workers to maintain a clean office space:

Encourage Hand Washing

It is essential that everybody in your office recognises the importance of regular hand washing as this is one of the most common ways of passing germs around. People will, on average, touch their faces up to 18 times an hour; as such, it is vital that they wash their hands often considering that 80 percent of infectious diseases are touch-transmitted. If you can, consider installing a touchless soap dispenser in the kitchen and toilet to promote hygiene in your office.

Make Disinfectant Wipes Readily-Available

Disinfectant wipes can be very handy when it comes to keeping offices fresh and clean by encouraging staff to wipe their desks down as often as possible. These wipes are a convenient way of sanitizing workspaces and may even help prevent the spread of some diseases.

Declutter Your Desk Spaces

Not only is maintaining a tidy and clean office essential for everybody’s health; but it also goes a long way in improving productivity. If the environment around your staff is clean and decluttered, they’re likely to become more competent and efficient. It is, therefore, advisable that you request your staff members to keep their desk space clean by removing unnecessary clutter. Decluttering desk space also keeps germs and dust from building up on desks.

Empty Trash Bins Daily

While this might seem a bit excessive, the fact is emptying trash bins every day will create a much more conducive office environment – especially if your staff throw food in the bins. If they aren’t emptied often, your bins will become a haven for germs and will start to smell. Try and implement this into your office’s daily routine and you’ll start to notice the difference it will make in your office.

Avoid Eating At Your Desk

Sometimes, eating away from your desk isn’t convenient; nevertheless, try and encourage your team to eat their lunch somewhere else. Doing so will not only improve their productivity since they took a break away from their work environment, but it’ll also help improve cleanliness around the office. It’s said that computer keyboards sometimes carry more germs than toilet seats, and that’s partly due to the accumulation of food particles between the keys. If your staff find it hard to eat away from their desks, make sure there are disinfectant wipes nearby that they can use to clean up their workspace once they are done eating.

These tips might seem like small things but if implemented in your office, they can bring a world of difference to your workplace environment.