Starting a new semester but everything still feels so messy? Are you still feeling lazy and unproductive due to your vacation hangover? This situation is a common problem for everyone, and most of the time, we just need something to jumpstart our productivity. A messy, disorganised bedroom can overwhelm you, thereby affecting your productivity. One of the best ways to get that jumpstart you need is to organise your bedroom. 

Whether you live with your family, or living in the Uni dormis, having a beautiful and organised bedroom is essential for keeping a great mental attitude on your studies. A cluttered bedroom will not just overwhelm you; it can also be distracting when you study. If you want your room to be conducive for learning, you need to clean and organise it to minimise distractions. Organising your bedroom may involve a lot of tasks. However, there is no need to worry as we are here to provide you with tips and tricks to make the job easier for you! 

Every job is more manageable when you have a guide to follow. Here, I have listed the most common tips for students, including decluttering and designing advice. As a student, we also know that your financial means are limited. Thus, we make sure to include cheap and affordable room transformation ideas that are friendly to your budget.

Declutter Your Bedroom 

Decluttering is the best way to start when you are cleaning your room. As a student, it is natural to keep lots of things such as books, clothes, and other personal stuff in your room. However, if you want your room to be a clean working environment with no distractions, it’s time to decide which items to keep and which things to put into storage.

Following the three boxes method will help you do the decluttering job orderly and efficiently. The method is simple and straightforward: the first box is for things you plan to keep in your bedroom, the second box is for those items you plan to put into storage, and the third one is for those you want to donate or throw away. As much as possible, only display items that do not grab too much attention. Keep unnecessary things inside drawers, cabinets, or even storage to make your room as organised as possible.

Maximise the Space in Your Room

Space is essential to make a working environment conducive for learning. Aside from minimising distractions, a spacious room can be peaceful and pleasing to the eye. Decluttering and putting other stuff to the storage is useful in freeing up space. However, if your room is small or you simply do not have enough room in your storage area, the following tips can be useful.

Use Dual-Purpose Furniture

Using dual-purpose furniture is a great trick to maximise space inside your bedroom. Instead of using two separate furniture that both take space, you can use one instead that serves a dual purpose. Doing so will allow you to save much space. For instance, you could use a folding bookshelf which you can pull out to use as a desk. Another example is to use fittings that can also act as storage, such as a chair with built-in storage.

Use the Walls

The golden rule in maximising space is to go vertical. Inside the bedroom, this means using the walls as a way to store or display things. You can install hooks where you can hang your stuff such as your bag, jacket, cords, etc. There are different types of hooks, depending on your needs. If you need to hang heavy stuff, using a screw hook is advisable. However, if you do not want to drill a hole on your wall (especially if you are renting a dormitory), you can use adhesive hooks.

If you have a lot of books or magazines, installing wall shelves can be a great idea. Installing one is a great help in organising your books. Mounting wall shelves on top of the wall is also a great way to store your other stuff. Doing so will allow you to use the dead space and effectively hide your other things from plain sight.

Rent a Self-Storage Facility

If storage space is still not enough, renting a self-storage facility will solve all of your problems. You can store all your stuff inside the self-storage and free up so much space. If you have unused furniture and barely used things like seasonal clothes, you can put them in the storage and get them only when you need them.

If you live in London, you are lucky as finding Henfield storage unit in Horsham is easy! You can also use the self-storage solutions for storing other stuff from your house after you declutter. If you are a student staying in a dormitory, you should get a storage unit near your dorm for easy access. During the break you can store all of your items here instead of lugging everything back home.

Organise Your Desk

Aside from having a clean bedroom, organising your desk is also essential to minimise distractions. As a student, you most likely have a lot of studying materials and writing essentials such as pens, pencils, etc. You can organise these stuff by buying items like pencil cups, desk organisers, file carriers, or vertical shelves. You can make use of a box where you can keep your papers and other studying materials. You can also invest on a wall grid or a board where you can pin your paper or post-its.

Invest in a Good Lighting

Make sure that your room, especially your working area, is well-lit. Studying in a dark, poorly lit room can hinder productivity. If you don’t like too much light in your whole room, you can buy a desk lamp that you can use when studying. You can also invest in fancy room lamps that can set the mood of your bedroom.

Here are some lighting design tips that can help revamp your room’s interior appeal.

Buy Some Budget-Friendly Room Accessories

If you want to go the extra mile, you can buy some room accessories to make your room look peaceful and pleasant. Want to make your room Pinterest or Instagram-worthy? Try adding some strings and fairy lights! Such things are cheap yet can significantly alter the ambience of your room. If you think your wall looks dull, you can transform it by adding a wall tapestry. Tapestries can come from various designs, so you can customise your room based on the look you are trying to achieve. Consider also investing on a deadline board to help you schedule your time wisely.


This guide only provides you with a handful of tips in organising your bedroom. It is still up to you to decide how to transform your room at the end of the day. The best bedroom is the one that can bring out the best in you. Keep exploring, and you’ll find the perfect setup for your room!