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Academy celebrates sporting achievement


Jul 30, 2022 #Bede Academy, #Blyth

Sporting successes achieved in the first full school year since the pandemic were celebrated in the return of an annual awards dinner at a Blyth academy.

Students and staff at Bede Academy recognised young people whose performance and commitment to sport was worthy of special mention.

Former students of Bede, Newcastle United footballer Beth Guy and ex-Morpeth Harrier James Young, who is now bidding for selection in major athletics championships in the USA, returned to the academy to present the awards.

Principal Andrew Thelwell told the 200 students invited to the dinner: “This is our chance to celebrate. Sport is a great opportunity for you to take part in the community life of Bede Academy and in the wider community, and to test your character through sporting activities.”

Mr Thelwell paid tribute to the PR department and sixth form sports leaders for their time and commitment given to providing opportunities for students to take part in sport.

Performance was recognised in athletics, netball, football, hockey, rugby and cricket at school, including students who have been selected for county and area teams.

Students also got to vote for their favourite sports personality of the year.

The final prize of the night, the Stannard Award for outstanding contribution to sport, went to Kieran who director of sport Simon McAree said had given many hours supporting the academy’s rugby teams as a coach and referee.

Mr McAree added: “We will rest over the summer then look forward to getting ready and going again in September when we will push that little bit higher and further and strive ever harder.”


Year 6: sportsman of the year, George; sportswoman of the year, Lily.

Athletics: Y7 athletes of the year, Frankie and Olivia; Y8 athletes of the year, Ashton and Maddison; Y9 athletes of the year, Jack and Cody; Y10 athletes of the year, Mason and Olivia.

Netball: Y6 most valuable player, Poppy; Y6 players of the year, Liam and Evie; Y7 most valuable player, Ava-Grace; Y7 player of the year, Hope; Y8 most valuable player, Leila; Y8 player of the year, Freya; Y9 most valuable player, Faye; Y9 player of the year, Beth; Y10 most valuable player, Emily; Y10 player of the year Evie; Sixth Form most valuable player, Katelyn; Sixth Form player of the year, Ellie.

Football: Y6 players of the year, Noah and Isabelle; Year 7/8 most valuable player, Destiny; Year 7/8 player of the year Olivia; Year 9/10 most valuable player, Libby; Year 9/10 player of the year, Savannah; Y8 most valuable player, Thompson; Y8 player of the year Ryan; Y9 most valuable player Ryan; Y9 player of the year Liam Y10 most valuable player Adam; Y10 player of the year Luke; 1st XI players’ player Greg; 1st XI player of the year Evan.

Hockey: Y6 players of the year, Jake and Erica; Y7 most valuable player, Abigail; player of the year, Lexi; Y8 most valuable player, Leila; Y8 player of the year, Laina; Y9 most valuable player, Lucy; Y9 player of the year Beth.

Rugby: Y6 most valuable player, Alfie; Y6 player of the year, Archie; Y7 most valuable player Ryan; Y7 player of the year, Noah; Y8 most valuable player, James; Y8 player of the year, Abdullah; Y9 most valuable player, Jake; Y9 player of the year, Kai; Y10 most valuable player, Chris; Y10 player of the year, Felix; 1st XV players’ player, Kaya; 1stXV player of the year, Thomas.

Cricket: Y6 most valuable player, Harry; senior most valuable player, Jack.

Team of the Year: Y10 rugby

Sports Personality of the Year: Freya

Stannard Award: Kieran

By French